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  • Most invaluable tool?

    Hi -

    I have a 'friend' that is very into woodworking. Already has a scroll saw, some kind of sanding machine, drill press and a table saw. Is there something I can get for this person for Christmas that you folks who know what you're doing could suggest to me? Loves to do crafts - stuff on the scroll saw - I'm sorry I can't be of more help -

    I don't have any idea whatsoever would be a good, handy tool to have. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Clueless

    What a thoughtful and generous soul you are. I'm sure your friend would appreciate a selection of blades from Mike's Workshop. If you're not sure which blades to buy, Mike will certainly be able to advise you - he's very helpful that way . Just check your friend's machine first to confirm that it uses flat headed blades as opposed to those with pins.

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      Hi Clueless!
      Welcome to the group! I'm sure you will get some dandy suggestions, but it might help us to know the price range you are working within. That would narrow it down somewhat. Also what sort of things your friend makes with the scroll saw might help to clue us all in to useful items.


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        Foot switch, lighted magnifier or a book

        If your friend doesn't have them a foot switch for the scroll saw and a lighted magnifier are invaluable.

        The foot switch permits you to turn the saw on and off without removing your hands from the project you are cutting. I think they cost around $30 these days.

        The lighted magnifier shines a bright light on the project and magnifies the line being sawn. Don't get a cheap one; they don't stay in place and they're not big enough. Don't be surprised if a good one costs $200 or more, although I'm sure there's a whole range of prices.

        Another suggestion would be Patrick Spielman's "The New Scroll Saw Handbook". It is an encyclopedia of scroll sawing for under $20.



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          How about a subscription to Scrollsaw Workshop. By the way if you are thinking magnifier light, one with a flourescent lamp is the way to go and you can find good ones for around $60. Go to a plasce that sells draftsman equipment. Now a woodworker never has enough tools and they are all important.
          John T.


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            a few suggestions

            These are all great suggestions. I think I need a christmas angel out there
            Your friend is very lucky to have you.
            A dust collector is good, so is a light table if the friend is designing patterns.
            You can't go wrong with any of the books Fox Chapel carries . You can click the link on the right side of the page or right here.Also a gift certificate for wood is also great.
            Oh how I love to spend other peoples money!
            CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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              Last year my girlfriend gave me some cushion floor mats. Sure makes the concrete floor less painful. For my birthday, she gave me a swivel top stool. A gift certificate to a lumber yard or wood supplier, pattern seller or Fox Chapel would be nice too!

              There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                Hi folks -

                Thank you for all of your great suggestions. I know that he already has a swivel stool and foot pedal, not sure about the magnifying light and I have no idea on the brand/make/model of the scrollsaw but thats easy enough to find out for the blades. I know that he also already has a subscription to various magazines, one of them being scrollsaw workshop. I know there is a little bag underneath the saw - I'm assuming this is a dust collector...? I'll sneak around and see what I can find out. I'd like to buy a tool vs. a gift card .... I just don't know what other tools would be useful in a workshop. I know he's used the word fretwork - does that tell what kind of work he likes to do? I'm sorry I don't know more - you can see why I've dubbed myself "clueless"...

                As far as a $$$ range - somewhere between $75 and $150. I will report back in with my findings.

                Thanks again!


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                  You are now getting into speaclity tools and there is many. He has the basics as it seems. By the way fret work is the use of a scrollsaw to do innner cuts. This is drilling holes and threading a blade through the hole and cutting and doing the same for all the holes. Here is an example that I had uploaded for another post but works here as well.

                  Now as far as tools go not sureif he has a router but a trim router is handy for intarsia work if he wants to get into that which is just another form of scrollsaw work. Here is a picture. This is the one I have and goes for around $100. I use mine all the time.

                  Another tool might be a bench top disc and belt sander. Again very useful for both intarsia and fret work where you have to bevel cuts for walls and things here is a picture. This would be very helpful and my first choice and they go for around $120. Any of these tools you can get at Home depot.

                  There are so many tools such as clamps you can get sets of clamps such as the mini clamps which are very handy when it comes to scrollsaw work and holding things together. Or even spring clamps.Here is a picture If you still need more ides stop back and we will throw some more out.
                  John T.


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                    The trim router is what first popped into my head when I saw this posting,and amazingly,clamps also did. You can never have enough clamps. Look for a trim router .Hes sure to love that.just search 'trim router' on your search engine,and watch for names like bosch,porter cable,makita. I just love the bosch trim router,and im sure there are others that are equally as good. as for blades,with the exception of a few saws,the majority take a 5 inch blade,and if fretwork is in his vocabulary,chances are its a pinless blade.So look for a 5 inch pinless scrollsaw blade. DONT buy them at your local hardware or big box store,you will pay way to much. Order them from either mike moorlach for flying dutchman blades,or from Sloans oodshop for olsen brand blades.Both are online,if you search for them in your search thingy. Talk to whoever is selling them,they could put together a pack of blades to make any scroller tickled to death. Your a good friend,want to be my buddy too? Good luck!
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                      Got It !!

                      I don't claim to know what I'm doing but I know whats works for me. I'm new to scrolling so I'm gonna steal some of ya'lls ideas for my x-mas list.
                      All of them are great and what I've found to be a great help for me is an adjustable magnifying lamp. The quality of my stuff has improved a great deal just because I can see everything alot better.
                      The 1 thing I truly could not live without and it is my favorite tool that I keep plugged up and sitting right next to me is my little Black & Decker Mouse Sander. Its small and palm sized and works great on anything from sanding small scrolled pieces, sanding round edges, getting into corners with the tongue attachment and stripping old paint. It was invaluable in finishing some furniture I made last spring and redoing some cabinet doors for a friend.
                      Besides the lamp, blades or books the Mouse would be a must have in my book.
                      But then again, its just me talking.
                      Confuscious says, "The cautious seldom err".
                      Confuscious didn't own a scrollsaw either.


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                        On the trim router, if you search the web you should include the phrase "laminate trimmer", which should get you more hits. That's how they were originally known, as they were introduced as a specialty tool for evening off the overhanging laminate used to cover countertops, in the days before Corian There's also a new Bosch tool called the "Colt" that they call a "palm Router" and the magazines are all salivating about it. It's another lam trimmer, but you wouldn't find it under "trim Router" or "Laminate Trimmer"


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                          Gift ideas for the shop...good question.

                          If it were me I would do a quick look at the organization of the shop. If it looks like a disorganized mess my gift would be shelves, pegboard and small stackable plastic bins.

                          In my shop I like to take one glance at the wall and be able to find what I need or identify what might be missing. A clean shop is a happy and workable shop.

                          That's just me though.

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                            Originally posted by Rivari
                            A clean shop is a happy and workable shop.
                            Hi Rivari My shop is so sad But I am happy!

                            Nice to see you around
                            CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
                            "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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                              Ok - I'm at his house now and he's at work !! I found a magnifying light on the saw, he has a belt sander and a sanding mouse, and I found some blades too that were purchased from The Flying Dutchman.

                              Now, this trim router - would it only be good if you're doing intarsia? I know he's admired some of what he has seen but haven't heard any interest in trying it. He has some kind of a router and router table so I don't want to duplicate if thats all it would be good for.

                              I'll definately look into blades or at the very least a gift certificate to the Flying Dutchman, as well as picking up various sizes of clamps.

                              Any more suggestions - I'm all ears!!

                              Thanks !



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