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  • 2005 Ornament swap

    Hey everyone,
    On the carving board, they are starting an Ornament swap. it's sort of a round post you mailing address, someone sends you an ornament, then you send them an ornament. With scroll saws, we should be able to whip a lot out quickly and each have a load of different ornaments...

    Anyone interested?

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    I'd be interested. Rules are a little sketchy though. Post the mailing address? I think not. E-mail the address to the next person, maybe.

    Round robin would be A sends to b, b sends to c, c sends to d until the last one on the list sends to A. Wait till the list is final, maybe the First week of December, then everyone sends their ornaments. Order in the list is the order in which you post your agreement to participate.

    How's that? Any improvements or better/other ideas?


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      Actually Round Robin may have been a bit vague...more a matter of you send me an ornament and I'll send one back to you...

      Private messages or e-mail would probably be better...



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        I like the idea.
        It would also be a great way to build some fellowship between scrollers.
        Stack cutting would make things a snap.

        I would prefer the email method.
        This is a lot better than sending a chain letter to 10 friends...if I had ten friends I wouldnt need email
        I guess we should let the person who we are sending an ornament too what the ornament is, so we dont all do the same project.
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          I'm in,but yes,rules should be set up first. I think idt would be fun. Maybe for a few ornaments,but I will have to decline if its somthing I will need to mass produce a bazillion ornaments for.
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Interesting idea. Count me in...

            DeWalt 788


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              I too, this I will do.


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                If "rookies" are welcome, sign me up! I've tried to attach a photo of a few ornaments I've cut, hope it comes thru! Thanks.

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                  I support the right to keep bears armed, myself. Or was it keep arms bared? That's it! Roll up your sleeves and scroll!

                  So, would each one send ornaments to all the others, or pair up? I kind of like the round robin idea myself. If the list is relatively small, then sending one to each would also work.

                  Someone should be the locus of addresses who would collect them and send them all out to the group (if it's "send to all"). Bob, do I see your hand waving there?


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                    As a member of a few painting forums, I have participated in a number of swaps. There were a couple of different types - will list below.

                    1. There is a "Swap Leader" - everyone who wants to participate in the swap sends their name, forum name, email, and mailing address to the Leader.
                    The leader "draws names" and sends an email to each person telling them who their "swap partner" is. Rules vary, but I enjoy it more when noone knows who gets who. You would get one ornament. (This can be varied, by drawing more names per person if desired)
                    There is a date given for when ornaments have to be mailed to your partner.
                    To keep things interesting, posts are written when someone mails out their swap. A must is to post when you recieve your swap.

                    The leader is then responsible for keeping track of who is in the swap, who has sent their swap, and who has received their swap.

                    2. I did this once - it is more time intensive, and more work for the swap leader:

                    Everyone send 10 ornament to the swap leader, as well as $4.00 in postage.
                    The swap leader then repackages the individual ornaments so that each box has 10 different ornaments. They then mail the boxes to the members of the swap. Each person would get 10 different ornaments in one box.
                    When you send your ornament, you place your contact information inside a baggie with each ornament (10 different baggies) so that the recipients know who made each ornament.
                    (this would be harder to do with international paticipants ~ esp. the postage)

                    Other things to mention - "lurkers" are usually not able to participate - one way to get them to come out of the closet and to participate in the forum before they get to participate in swaps.
                    And there have been cases when people get swaps, but dont ever send theirs out ~ so good record keeping is a must.

                    I would like to participate ~ if anyone wants more info on running the swaps, drop me an email.





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                      Thanks Forester. Those suggestions really clear up a lot of questions.
                      If foreign participants are worried about postage I have a comment to make
                      I know when I was listening to shortwave radio it was often required that I send postage to countrys in order to get QSL response cards. (verification that I actually did recieve a signal). Instaed of postage I could go to the post office and pick up International response counpons. They are like an international postage stamp.

                      Just a thought.
                      CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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                        Not sure why you all are talking about snail mail. Why not email. If that person doesn't have a printer then you can snail mail. Just a suggestion.
                        John T.


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                          One of our clients (back when I was in a company) once received numerous copies of a fax from our office. They called and complained that we were tying up their machine, and what the heck was going on. The person who got the call asked the temp if he had sent the fax and he replied, "I'm trying, but it keeps coming back out of the machine."


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                            John - we will need to send the ornament to a person -

                            PiALaModem - that's too funny!





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                              Oh I thought you were swaping patterns. Hey I have been wrong before. Nothing new here.
                              John T.


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