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    Ok scrollers seems polls are the thing let us see what the average time per week the scrollsaw is in use. Now that the Holiday season is upon us shortly and everyone getting ready for shows the saws should be humming. Let us see. I will go on record and say I am around 20 hrs a week.
    More than 40 hrs a week (serious scroller)
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    John T.

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    Interesting question, John. I wish I could answer it. I've only recently been able to return to scrolling because I didn't have the facilities in my 'new' home until recently. Much of the time that I could have spent scrolling has been taken up with related activities, such as getting the workshop kitted out properly. As a result, I haven't been able to do as much woodwork as I like. Another point I have to consider is that scrolling is only one aspect of the woodwork that I do. Here's the latest:

    Soon, I'm going to be trying my hand at Shaker boxes .

    Most weeks I can spend more than 30 hours in the workshop and scrolling is my favourite form of woodwork, but it's impossible for me to say how long I spend doing it.

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      Might not scroll as much this winter, with the price of natural gas going sky high.

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        Scrolling is a small but essential part of what I do. I make musical instruments as my main activity, and I am becoming known for my scroll-sawn and bevel-cut-inlaid soundholes. But there's much more that goes into an instrument, of course. I also, as a sideline, have been doing some scrollsawing for its own sake, but I can't devote too much time to it. I answered 1-5 hours.


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          I answered 6-10 hours, but that is a guess at an average. With the holidays coming up, ornaments and puzzles and toys will be on my agenda, and 20 - 30 hours a week will be more like it. If I had my druthers, that would be year-round, but unfortunately, one must keep up appearances, garden, personal hygiene, and ocassionally even do other art - type things. There are also the hours at the band saw, sander, drill press, and carving. Never bored, though!


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            Scroll saw use

            My scrolling is done specifically to make bookmarks thus it is one component of the whole job. I do find time to make things for myself on occasions but only as workshop time permits unfortunately.

            Rhys H.


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              I replied 6 to 10 hours, I seem to be spending more time at the computer lately. But Christmas is around the corner and I have a few extra projects to get done.
              I think my scrolling runs in cycles. I am sure with winter coming I will be at the saw more.
              There is also the local Toy Makers Society, we can never get enough toys, so I will have to buckle down for that too.
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                John, and all:

                Demands of Day Job, leaves almost no time for actual scroll sawing since the 1st of September. One on those 'All Hands On Deck' type of business crunch. Glad I am not a manager, they don't even have time for their family.

                Haven't been in the basement at the saw for about 6 weeks.

                Don't see anything changing until after end of January.



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                  Sorry to hear that. I have been there and done that. I am sort of going through something like that but it has to due to an illness in the family and it sure does take away from the time you like to just get away and retreat to your own private little world (the shop) I force myself to make time or else you go nuts. Glad you can still find some time to join us here and other sites as well. See you on the net. Now I think I hear your BOSS calling.
                  John T.


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                    Originally posted by Gill
                    Soon, I'm going to be trying my hand at Shaker boxes
                    I'm sure shaking boxes with your hands would be easier than with, say, your teeth.


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                      answered 15 or so hours,

                      i would love to do lots more if i could find the time between the long periods of procrastination and confusion...

                      procrastination ? becuse i dont want to waste time and materials if i mess up...
                      confusion ? due to my medications.. and trying to understand patterns.

                      the most scroll time spent is on making toys for my grandchildren...
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                        well I too answered 1-5 but tis hard to say exactly. right now I am using my scroll saw for other projects, that being cutting quarter round to fit up to other pieces of quarter round (Oak) rather than the common miter! I like doing it that way and am remodeling my back entry stairs/step with Oak tread and risers along with a rope design inlay back from the edges about 1" 1/4. BUT headin for south Texas for most of the winter, this time I plan to take my scroll saw! why not set outside under my awning, on the picnic table, and plug the saw into the outlet on the side of my 5th wheel? won't make all that much mess, nor noise, and there is most always a breeze. I want to make some "Diana Thompson" (from her book) Chess peices for my grandson and it looks like I won't be able too BEFORE christmas!


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