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Scroll Saw Patterns using PSP9

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  • Scroll Saw Patterns using PSP9

    Does anyone know of any woodworking/scroll saw groups, or etc. using PSP9 for making scroll saw patterns? Thanks!

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    i dont have psp9,

    but i use psp4 to make some patterns...
    what are you trying to accomplish,,,?

    i usually convert graphics to black and white and glue-tack them over package tape,

    some photos are tricky to loose color without loosing edeges amd detail....
    maybe i can help...
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      Hi Sonja

      As you know, I use PSP 9. Is there anything I can do to help?

      Alternatively, you could have a look at the various free pattern sites on MSN where a number of other pattern makers use PSP. I think most of them use PSP 8, but there's little difference between the two versions.

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        Converting Scanned B&W to R&W

        I used to be able to convert scanned B&W images to R&W using the color replacer tool. Now I can't. I can convert the pattern to all red background with black lines but not red lines on a white background. Can you think of what I did to make the procedure fail?

        Bob from NW Florida


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          Hi all,
          I am taking a class online now to improve my skills with psp9. Eventually I will know more about it. In the meantime, I have been searching for tutorials on line; mostly what I am finding are "siggy tags",etc. (Things I'm not interested in and not dealing with pattern making).
          Gill, I do have the "Andy" tutorial; but haven't went through it yet. It is so long. Been trying to find something shorter for right now. LOL.....
          Later, I do want to be able to take digital pictures and turn them into patterns. I do a lot of drawing with pen/pencil for patterns and want to learn how to do this on PSP9.


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            try this to simply color the lines black to red

            It may not be the perferred method to exchange black line drawings to red. but,.

            here are a couple of ways i figured out.

            for this experiment, i started with a black and white gif file of some thin line philligree.
            My psp4 wouldn't color it so i had to save it as .jpg once that was done i selected (from the color bar) forground (left) color as black and backround (right) color as red, clicked on the color exchanger [box with arrow] and right clicked and held down button, on the black lined area and just replaced the black with red...
            but you can use fill for wider lines if your pattern has large lines or you can adjust tolorance
            Dremel 1680 & Delta ss250 shopmaster


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