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Where i can buy pattern books in N.Y.(manhattan)

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  • Where i can buy pattern books in N.Y.(manhattan)


    And creetings from finland winter is coming and weather is cold and rainy.
    My problem is. In europe i can't buy those books below anywhere.

    But my wife is coming in N.Y. next month. Does anybody know where can she buy those books. Please help me.
    Fineline #9 - Dog Breeds: Roberts ISBN 1-883083-08-7

    Fineline #3 - Great Outdoor Fretwork: Roberts ISBN 1-883083-02-4

    Carmin ; Artistic Wildlife Projects ISBN 1-56523-224-0

    Fineline #6 - Pets & People: Roberts ISBN 1-883083-05-2

    Longabaugh ; Wildlife Scrollsaw Collector Plates ISBN 0-9633112-7-1

    Longabaugh; Birds of North America ISBN 1-929578-01-6

    Scroll Saw Pictures: Pozsgai ISBN 0-88740-775-7

    Scroll Saw Castles: Stirling ISBN 1-56523-135-X

    Fineline #7 - Circus & Clowns: Roberts ISBN 1-883083-06-0

    Fineline #5 - Heartland: Roberts ISBN 1-883083-04-4

    Fineline #1 - Scroll Saw Fretwork: Roberts ISBN 1-883083-00-1

    Mirror's & Picture Frames: Nelson ISBN 1-56523-223-2

    Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw: Peterson's ISBN 1-56523-255-0

    Scroll Saw Pictures: Pozsgai ISBN 0-88740-775-7

    Scroll Saw Castles: Stirling ISBN 1-56523-135-X

    Fantasy & Legend Scroll Saw Puzzles: Peterson ISBN 1-56523-256-9

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    Welcome to this site.
    I'm sure that Bob Duncan from Fox chapel can help you with most of the books.
    Mike M
    SD Mike


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      There is a large bookstore chain (Borders) with 4 stores on Mahhattan Island. click on the Store Locator link and on the page input New York for city and NY for state.

      Boarders retail stores are linked in some fashion with web book store where all your book titles should be.

      The trick, I think, is to order the books thru and have the book sent for pickup at the retail store in New York.

      Shouldn't take more than 4 or 5 emails to see if your choice of retail outlet will help you out. I would be very much surprised if the Borders store near Columbus Circle did not do this very thing for other Overseas tourist, but for other books (ie political type books.)

      BTW: another super-Mega book store is Barns and Nobel:
      try their web page.
      I think the Greenwich Village retail outlet would be a good bet.

      While she is there, also note that NY is the home of Garrrett Wade, one of the "high church" outlets of quality woodworking hand tools. They have a large selection of hand tools for general woodworking.
      they are located at: Garrett Wade Co., Inc. 161 Avenue of the Americas
      New York NY 10013. I don't know if they still have a retail show room or not.

      Aside: when she returns home don't expect to carry on the airplane anything you might buy at Garret Wade. Just won't happen.

      Good luck



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        I passed your message on to our customer service department--they should be in contact with you to help you out.

        Bob Duncan
        Scroll Saw Workshop


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