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  • Demonstration cutting ideas

    Each year our woodworker's guild hire a section of a shopping complex for a four day sale of our crafts. As part of this we have a lathe and 2 scrollsaws busily working and we all take turns. Used to have a carver as well but not this year. As I was preparing some work to cut today I was wondering what sort of things other scrollers like to cut at these times. We like to keep the demos simple as it's the not-YET-converted people watching. I've chosen some fretwork doll's furniture as I find people are intrigued with how we do threading and also because a piece can be made and glued together quite quickly. Have also prepared a puzzle - a pack of puppies.

    I'd love to hear about your choices.
    Cheers. Teresa .

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    I like doing 3-d things (in general and for demos). They really are quick and sometimes breathtaking when you make the last cut and pull the gem out of the wreckage.


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      When I do demonstrations at our local fair I like to do projects that don't take too long, that way people can watch from start to finish.
      We usually have samples of other work in various stages so people can ask questions.
      I agree with Steve that compound cutting blows people away.
      I also like to do fretwork patterns from
      They are quick and easy, you can stack cut and even give pieces away.
      We had a guest book that people signed with there phone number. everyone got a chance to win a layered fretwork heron that we did.( we had three, one for each day of the fair.)

      If you need any patterns just hollar.
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        I haven't done any demonstrations or craft shows yet, but I did cut some Christmas ornaments for family. They are easy, can be stack cut, and look pretty good, even unfinished. They take no time at all to do and it's easy to find patterns, even some 3D. Dang, now you got me thinking...

        Dan H

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          Yes compound cuts do look great but something I'm not able to accomplish. My dolls furniture has gone very well today - lots of people really fascinated. One of my friends has been cutting christmas decorations which have also been well recieve. Karl I like your idea of having a guest book to sign - may have to look at that idea next time. Actually i think todays stint will produce some new scrollers in our midst which is what's all about aye!
          Cheers. Teresa .


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