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I just want to share with you the pleasure I have had today meeting Carlos Aldorino..

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  • I just want to share with you the pleasure I have had today meeting Carlos Aldorino..

    Hi all,

    I just want to share with you the pleasure I have had today meeting
    Carlos Aldorino, an artist from Argentina who is soon marrying here in
    Spain and will move to live quite close to me. He makes a living entirely
    after his Intarsia work producing beautiful objects in his workshop
    and he plans to continue doing the same here in Spain. I really wish him
    lots of good luck and offer him all my support.

    Carlos uses strikingly beautiful and exotic woods from South America, mostly
    from Argentina but also from other countries like Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.
    In the examples I am showing below some of the woods are so strange and
    exotic that I have never seen anything not even similar. The sides of the
    box are made with carob, the sun of the box with Peruvian bark (also known
    as cinchona). This box also contains woods whose names I have been
    unable to find in english/spanish dictionaries: ¨loro blanco¨, ¨laurel¨,
    ¨guatambú¨, ¨vilaró¨, ¨lapacho¨, ¨cochucho¨ and others.
    Observe the precision of the joints in all pieces.

    Carlos and me plan to cooperate in whatever is possible. Some time
    soon Carlos will have his own web site integrated in mine showing all
    his work and offering it for sale. Carlos has promised me a gift of amazing
    value: some of the most exotic and rare south american hardwoods
    in different colors so that I can make a unique and really valuable model
    of my Eiffel tower scroll saw pattern. . I just can´t wait for that...

    Enjoy this tiny sample of his work:

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    Four more pics.


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      Those are really neat! I love the colors of the woods.


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        Hello Pedro,
        That is just great to find some one like that and willing to share it with you. I can't wait to see the results of two great designers getting together.
        Keep us informed.
        Mike M
        SD Mike


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          Beautiful work!
          If he gives you more of that fancy wood than you can use, remember your friends here on the site.

          There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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            Excellent work, inspires one to get back to work on the saw and create!

            DeWalt 788


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