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Intarsia by a 17 year old

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  • Intarsia by a 17 year old

    Below was sent to me by a friend.
    Here are a few of the latest Intarsia pieces that my son Nick has made. He is 17 and just started on the scroll saw around Christmas. He is very artistic and all of these designs are his own. These are all nice size wall hangings (about 25"x 20" ea.). There are a lot of exotic woods in them. My son has found a love for wood and does not like to stain anything. He likes to keep the wood in it's natural state and just enahce it with Danish Oil or Poly.

    SD Mike

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    Beautiful stuff, Mike.

    Sticking to my own interests, now you could make puzzles out of them, with pieces from each type of wood and image.

    (just kidding)



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      Hi All, I am new to this board. These are my son's works. I will have him register when he gets home from school today so he can respond to any questions. I do want to clarify that the rainbow fish in the uderwater scene was from a magazine. The rest of the underwater scene and all of the other pieces are his own creations. He made the rainbow fish one day and decided that he wanted to go beyond that and ended up with the whole underwater scene. After that he decided to make a series of animals and has made three in the series thus far. So far he has made five of these very large scenes and maybe 60-70 other intarsia pieces. He was comissioned early this year to make a 8 foot tall palm tree out of walnut for a customers palm themed kitchen. All of the work is done by him unless it involves the table saw or planers. Then I step in as a cautious dad to give him a hand. We are very proud of him if you could not tell.


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        Great work

        Awesome work, perhaps he should enter the design contest!!!!
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          Very,very, nice. What a talented young fellow.


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            Intarsia by a 17 year old

            This young man does fantastic work. Truley a God given talent. Very beautiful work and I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing more of the same. A talent truly admired by all.

            James (Huntsville, TX.)


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              Beautiful work! Sounds like a pretty proud dad too and you have a right to be.
              So many kids get put down these days for what they do or don't do, it's great to see what they can do.
              With budget cuts and liability issues, many schools are cutting shop programs. Our club is looking into sponsoring a shop program that has a very well equipted shop. The problem is the kids aren't allowed to use certain tools because of the liability problems. We can get them into our personal shops and let them get the experience. Two of our members are retired school shop teachers and are all for it!

              There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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                Does anyone have any idea what a fair price would be for one of the three intracia pieces?
                SD Mike


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                  Beautiful work, a very talented young man. Wouldn't even hazard a guess at a price.

                  DeWalt 788


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                    Now that work really blows me away!
                    Cheers. Teresa .


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                      those are very very nice I though I could do intarsia but now I know I just a sawdust maker. well done if it were my wore I wood charge 300.00 ca.


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