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What kind of project is more likely to win the design contest?

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  • What kind of project is more likely to win the design contest?

    Hi all,

    What kind of project do you think is more likely to win the design contest? I have the impression that a large clock design would have more chances. Large clocks seem to be admired and appreciated the most. What do you think about this?


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    Hi Pedro,

    For me it would be a nice middle size clock. Not some like a Dome Clock but some what fits nice on a side table in the living room. You can also have some that hangs on the wall. Again not too big.
    It should be some what would be easy to sell at a craftshow but also to give as a gift, like a wedding or aniversity or just to give to a famlly member or friend.

    Mike M
    SD Mike


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      The winner is?

      I would have to say something a little smaller may win, Don't forget the object is to be in the magazine. A large closk would take all the patterns space up by itself, not leaving room for other work.
      I also think that makybe something along the intermediate skill level will help.
      Maybe they should have set upi different categories for different levels.

      I do like intricate work though
      But I encourage everyone to send anything they can in. Who knows some of Picasso's best work was a few simple lines.
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        I'd like to see something that displays both the beauty of the material being cut and the skill of the scroller as well as being an object of desire in its own right. Although I don't use intarsia techniques myself, I can imagine an intarsia project being a worthy winner.

        How about a mid-sized intarsia clock?

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          Originally posted by Gill
          How about a mid-sized intarsia clock?

          You go for it, girl!
          heh heh


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            Based on the direction of the magazine, I'm betting it'll be something different. Probably something that combines pyrography, fret and <gasp> intarsia. Based on the responses myself and a couple of other designers have gotten from submittals, functional would also be a plus, so a box, a clock, a shelf (is that functional?) would be my guess. The fact that the wood has to be commonly available makes it a lot tougher as well to submit an idea. For me, I have access to 3 lumber yards within 50 miles that carry or can get virtually any type of lumber I desire. I thickness all of my own wood so what is commonly available means different things to different people.
            Of course, now that I said all that, a portrait type pattern will win, hehehe.

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              I may have missed something here. Please fill me in. Is there catagoryies or is this an open thing. It would be very hard and feel very unfair to have a fret work clock put up against an intarsia piece. Boy you are getting into trickey territory. There needs to be guide lines. This is the problems that come along at picnics when they judge pieces it is so subjective. You can't really put a portrait in this contest. Whatever the contest is I feel that something with color and uniqueness will win. Maybe someone can explain the rules more or if they are listed somewhere someone can point them out to me.

              John T.


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                Click on the button and it will tell you everything!


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                  Thanks BobI will say this I hate to be that judge. Here is what I think would be a good idea. A mid range clock that incorporates fret work and intarsia with some stain glass highlights. Now I am not that talented to come up with this creation but I did put my 2 cents in. I was suppose to enter a display cabinet contest earlier in the year but misread the final date and never made it on time so it lies with the other projects I started this year. Boy that pile is getting big.
                  John T.


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