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making scroll saw patterns

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  • making scroll saw patterns

    does any one know where i can get a scroll saw pattern made? i have a picture of the ship i served on 40 years ago and would like to get a pattern made and scroll it. thanks!!!!


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    I know it is bad manners to do mention other sites and forums here, but I would like to answer the question...

    MSN groups has a free scrollsaw pattern group where people share portrait patterns like you are asking for.

    You have to join MSN groups and then join the freescrollsawpatterns group.

    Trust me.. by joining MSNgroups you will never, and I mean NEVER, have to worry about your email box not getting enough spam, or your computer not getting too little spyware / adware programs.

    But you will find a few people at MSN who will convert your picture into a pattern for you.

    A word in your ear though, is this photo taken by you? Sometimes you have to watch the copyright on such things if you bought the photo from someone else. If photo taken by yourself, taken at public place, of public object or person, no problem. Things get real messy if SS pattern from purchased photo, pint or graphic in book is used other than for your own use as a hobby or enjoyment and so forth.



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      Hi Mrd27

      I told two people about your request. Don't know if they emailed you. Here is one more:
      I know that Dirk most likely could help you. I s a very good designer.

      Mike M
      SD Mike


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        scroll saw pattern special request

        Hi MrD27
        I will be happy to talk about drawing a pattern for you. You can email me anytime at [email protected]


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          Dirk can do it!

          Dirk can do it,and it wont look like a cheaply made design,but It will be a work of art! I had to chuckle when I saw "dirkdraws",and underneath it says 'junior member' . Well,you might be a junior member,but definatly not a junior designer.You are one of the finest! Good to see ya!
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            I also have been looking to design my own patterns

            I have seen so many computer programs that help you design your own patterns is there anyone that you would recommend. I am a semi-pro photographer and i have alot of requests to make my pict into wood. I do allot of motorcycle races and animals. I am comfused about the programs i also am not a great computer person. thank anyone for their help.


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              1- If you are trying to convert a photograph into a scroll saw portrait, I would recommend either:
              ---one of the (that is me-on-a-pumpkin) products (many on this forum love these products!!!) I think you must buy from web site.

              --- Or Paint Shop Pro, version 10 sold by This is the "standard" for converting Photo's to patterns. Several tutorials available. Our Friend Gill has posted a link about 50 times to a very well written instructions on PSP. (aside: purchase PSP elsewhere for better pricing. is one place to price, many others also sell cheaper.)

              Aside: For a while, Dell Computers gave a free version of PSP with their desktop computers, which may explain why so many have used this product.

              2- If you are trying to create your own fretwork pattern, I like the new CorelDraw Suite X3. Expensive with 4 $$$$. But the new version of conversion from scanned image to vector graphic mini app is cool. The new version of the mini app can take a simple screen capture
              ( <alt>+<print Screen> )
              and make a vector graphic image for importing into CorelDraw. Again, Shop around for price for what good it will do you, as in save $20.00 USD from $540.00 is not much to brag about.

              Either way, expect several long weekends plus several nites getting thru a rather steep learning curve. CorelDraw is not a simple program to master without a lot of dedication. The Me On A Pumpkin products are the easiest to learn by the response of the postings on this forum.



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                That's good advice from Phil.

                The PSP tutorial is here. I certainly agree that cheaper copies of PSP are available and you don't need the latest version to convert photos to patterns. Ebay can be a good source for older versions of programs.

                There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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                  making scroll saw patterns

                  Lynnwood, you could also look at Adobe Photoshop for pattern making. I have been using PS for years with much success. I have a few editions and prefer PS 7.0. Check out
                  Sue Mey


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