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  • Your opinion is solicited!!??

    I'm getting closer to being able to have a shop now. Close enough to begin to seriously think about which saw to buy. I've looked at DeWalt, Hawk, and Hegner at the shows. DeWalt is the best choice as far as money goes, but I'm still thinking/wanting the Hawk or Hegner. I've talked to both and they both sound good.

    What do you folks who are experienced with them think as to which??


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    I almost went with RBI, but bought a DeWalt instead. I got mine 1 1/2 years ago for half of what the RBI would cost and I have no regrets.

    There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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      I upgraded from a Delta Q3 to a Hawk 226 several years ago and couldn't be happier. I had one little problem the first year which was handled very quickly and to my satisfaction. Saw runs very smooth which makes for hours of enjoyment. I just brought the Workshop clock from wildwoods design that I completed this past year home from our county fair with the Grand Champion ribbon.
      I also know others with the Dewalt saw and they are very satisfied also. I think we tend to be comfortable with whatever choice we make as long as it is a quality product. All of the saws listed are that in my opinion.


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        Don't forget the Delta P-20. Some have told me that it is heavier than the DeWalt. To hold the arm up on a DeWalt you most likely need an arm lift. I have seen some complains about the swith on the DeWalt. Email me, I might be able to get you the show price on the Hegner saw.

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          I've had my DeWalt for about eight years or so and it has produced over 500 jigsaw puzzles. This fall I may buy another one and use my old one as a backup. For the price (around $400) it can't be beat.



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            I wish I knew where folks were getting their Dewalts for $400. That being said, it is a great saw. After reading reviews and user feedback, I ended up with an Excalibur EX-30, I couldn't be happier.

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     $429.00- free shipping. I paid $399.99 with the stand and light 1 1/2 years ago. If you look around, you'll find them.

              Woodcraft had the at the show for $540.00 with the stand and light. Last year they were $399.00 and selling like crazy.
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              There's a fine line between woodworking and insanity, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!


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