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    do any of you wonder y you post some thing and 30 view's and no one got a word to say I see a lot here mine included

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      Sometimes we just ain't got nuthin' worth sayin'


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        YES Yes
        John T.


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          I just made a reply to Mike on the Sun Clock. Same thing right there.
          This is not the only site where that happens.

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            This maybe nit picking but I have the same reaction when people ask questions and you take the time to answer and sometimes it is an involved answer and you get no response from the questioner. I know whenever I ask a question I make sure to acknowledge the answers no mater how many or when. Just seems like common courtousy. You would like to see that person at least read your response. Just a pet peeve of mine.

            As far as Jim picture goes I see him on alot of different forums and possibly I have commented there. This maybe the case with others too but am sure not all. Anyway keep up the good work Jim and look forward to seing many more photos.
            John T.


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              I dont always reply because I dont want to seem like a chatterbox -- but I assure you that I read all the post and i have thoughts on all of them -- so far they are all good thoughts -- well most are lol


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                Here's something else that has to be considered. There are numerous unregistered users viewing these forums. They are unable to post comments. So when these people come in I'm sure they're counted in the viewing but they can't post. And since they're antisocial and won't register, they won't ever be able to will they.
                As for me if I don't have anything that I think will be beneficial to what's already there or simply have no opinion on the matter then I keep my mouth shut. I am still fairly new to scroll sawing although I've been fabricating metal, plexiglas, and wood all of my adult life. I don't know near enough to be making statements on some of the threads on here. But I enjoy reading and learning along the way.
                I even enjoy reading the heated discussions between people on certain issues. I say heated discussions not arguements. I like to hear read a passionate discussion on some of these topics.
                Please don't think that I'm one of those antisocials I mentioned earlier. I just try to keep my amount of driveling to a minimum.


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                  A non commital comment

                  I spout way too much sometimes.
                  There are other times when I have to stand by a phrase an oldtimer I used to work with quoted all the time

                  "It has all been said before, by wiser men than me."

                  Sometimes when I see intarsia, something I have done so little of, I can offer no comments or advice.

                  I know I should think of that at other times too:P
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                    hay ti's good to see some one with some to say good or bad some times bad is better then good because if everthing is good you don't learn .thanks for the replys every one needs them just to keep us goin other boards just die we don't want that do we??


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                      I know what you mean by the lack of comments. I'm as guilty as everyone else though. I look through albums, and enjoy seeing what others are cutting, I just never seem to leave comments. I'll have to correct that in the future.

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                        I only comment to make my mark on the comment counter, now my duty is done.

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