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New to this - Is this piece made using scroll saw

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  • New to this - Is this piece made using scroll saw

    I really love the piece of work (photo attached) and would like to make it myself.

    I am wondering if the piece (the size would be about 3 feet x 2 feet) is made using scroll saw. If not, what technique you suggest?

    Thanks in advance.

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    imho it looks like the silouett cutouts from places like or

    if the size is 2-3 foot. the material appears to be a smooth surface like mdo plywood or temper board/masonite then painted / airbrushed

    cut out with jigsaw probobally becuse the throught of most scroll saws are only 16-18"

    painting looks to be airbrushed in this photo and appears its sealed with thick poly or something like that

    hope i helped some.
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      Like it was mentioned it looks that piece was cut from a smoothe material but the thickness is hard to determine from the photo. As far as your question was it cut with a scrollsaw is also hard to say. It was done from one of 3 different methods because of the fret work which is not that involved so this makes it possible to use a jig saw or sometimes called a sabre saw., could have been cut with a hand fret saw sometimes called a coping saw, and final way would be with a scroll saw using spiral blades because you cannot spin 3 feet of material on anysaw. There are ways to do this but alot extra work involved. The work is in the painting that is for sure. If I were to guess I would say a jig saw was used. You can use any of the 3 methods I mentioned and hope to see pictures if you decide to give it a go.
      John T.


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