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Suggestions of Small delicate broken pieces

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  • Suggestions of Small delicate broken pieces

    I got out of practice and cut someting out of order. When I realized it was to late instead of cutting it by hand with my fret saw I tried to use the scrollsaw knowing what would happen..

    Now that I have admitted my faults, I need some suggestions.

    I cut out the background field around a very small very detailed cut. Lots of "on the dime turns" and needless to say I broke it off while scrolling it. I have two 1/32" connecting pieces that I could glue back on but I need to finish making the cut before I put it back on or it is just going to break back off. The piece that broke off is smaller than a dime and has to be basically turned into 1/32" profile line with detail on the inside of it.

    I thought of double sidded taping it to scrap and just cutting it but there is not enough surface area for the tape to hold it. The upstroke of the blade pulls it up every time. Probably because I only use reverse skip tooth blades.

    Are there any other tricks out there that may get me out of this bind?


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    Super Glue

    What I do is use a REALLY small drop of one of the many 'Super Glues" on the market.

    The only time it does not work is when you are using a backer board because just a drop goes a long way

    Putting some 'Scotch tape" on the back and then do the gluing.


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      I would take a piece of thin scrap and use scotch tape to tape the piece you are cutting down. Use a piece big enough so the scotch tape overhangs a good deal and tape all around you pobject piece. Now if you still want to use the reverse tooth blades but avoid the bottom teeth make your self an auxillary table top. Not ellaborate just a piece thick enough to conteract the bottom teeth. Scrollaway and it done. Good luck.
      John T.


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        Thanks to both of you.

        I got it done by using double sided scotch tabe instead of carpet tape which I normally use. I aslo added a temporary deck which helped a ton.

        Thanks again.



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