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Corel Draw vs. Paint Shop Pro

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  • Corel Draw vs. Paint Shop Pro

    Has anyone used either one of these programs? What are the Pros and
    Cons of each one? Which would be the most beneficial to use for patterns?

    I want to design my own woodworking projects, especially for the "scroll saw". Would either program help with my drawings? Would I be a able to scan my drawings onto either one of these programs and be able to manipulate them to be more accurate with size, shape and etc? And also add more detail and graphics to them?

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    Hi Sonja

    Did you get the private message I sent you?

    I only use PSP so I'm not really able to compare and contrast it with Corel Draw. However, PSP will do everything that you've said you want it to.

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      corel vs Paint shop pro

      Both programs are excellent.
      Corel is a little more money and the learning curve is a little higher.
      The scanning feature of CorelTrace is a bonus but there is lots of work to do setting up the paramaters of the curves and number of nodes for the pictures you want to convert. I havent had too much success, I think I run out of patience.
      There are some other programs out there for converting pictures to patterns, they vary in price from 20 dollars up to 1000.
      The 20 dollar one is called Me On A Pumpkin. I think it would be perfect for portrait work.
      I am using a program called PagePlus by
      I can draw over the top of the picture, with my mouse and then manipulate the lines, curves and nodes. Once complete I can export or print out the line drawing to make my pattern.
      I think the main reason I use this program is the price and the ease of use. I also use it to produce newsletters and all my other DTP needs.
      They have a freeware program with just the drawing features.
      You can download it and some of the other programs they make here
      If you have Coreldraw Rick Hutcheson has some great tutorials on how to use it for scrollsaw pattern making.

      All this being said. I love Paintshop pro it is easy to use and the results are pretty good.
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        The Corel Corporation now sells Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro previously from Jasc.

        Paint Shop Pro is different form Corel Draw. Corel Draw is a 'vector graphic' program, which means it is one step down from a CAD progam. Paint Shop Pro is a bit map program.

        Within Corel Draw Graphics Suite v12 is a program called Corel Photo-Paint. This is the competitor to Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro is(was) cheaper than Photo-Paint stand alone when it was sold as a stand alone. All features of Paint Shop Pro are in Photo-Paint. Commands just located in different menus. Just a guess, but it seems that Paint Shop Pro and Photo-Paint are being rolled into product Corel Painter to compete with Adobe's paint product.

        There are many products written for the MacIntosh which are even better paint and graphic programs, but are of little improvement for what you claim to want to do on your Windows platform. Neal has a great program running on his Linux box, and it can run on a Windows box.

        Fretwork is more of Corel Draw, converting photos to Portraits are Paint Shop Pro work.



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          Well stated as always Phil!
          "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
          Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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            I have use CPS and Paint Shop Pro since version 5 something. I think they both would be good. I would advise not saving your files into their special formats it will kind of rope you into saying with them and sharing them as needed could be a hinderce. (Try not to save them as CPS fiiles or PSP files. ) I would recommnet TIFF for quality and jpg to save space.

            I strongly sugesting trying The GIMP it does everything both of them can do and more. I would compaire the GIMP more to Adobe PhotoShop.

            Screen shot (notice your tools to the left you get quite a few).

            Install page: install all four in the order they are list on the page (start with GTK)


            This program is free and has no spyware! I am sure you will like it.

            Yes I know I have posted the GIMP before but its great~ try it and see.

            Get what you want, but if they have trials... TRY them I know PSP should have a trial they use to.

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