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  • Kuo Yee

    Here is a project that showed up in the galleries that surely deserves to be highlighted. I have not seen this person's name here before so I am asumming they are a newcomer. I sure wish that person can give us a little background on both himself and the piece I have brought up. I know it is a Dan and Ray Wilcken's design for I have this plan and want to try it. I just have too many projects started now but in the future. I would like to know what woods were used?? What kind of finish was applied?? How long did this take?? Did you line the draws with felt?? I see some of the pieces can be stacked cut did this apply??

    So if you can tell us a little something it would greatly be appreciated and I must say a first rate job there for sure. It earns a Blue 1st place ribbon.
    John T.

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    I am sorry for 2 reasons here. One being the owner of this project has not read this and written in. The second being not one of you that read this forum commented on a fantastic project. I wish he had a better picture but not to even ackowledge this piece is not good. Think about it.
    John T.


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      I was waiting for the craftsman to own up to his work before I replied.

      Yes, the work is very good, from what I can see I really like the white queen, then the knights and bishops.

      Hard to tell but it looks like the chess board is inlay or segmentation using 4 types of wood. The base alone has got to be several long days at the saw.



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        Like Phil, I was waiting.

        Some of you might recall photographs that I took at a UK woodworking exhibition back in April - one of the photographs featured just such a chessboard, complete with a full set of pieces. For me it was one of the highlights of the weekend.

        One day I'll get round to making one of my own. I can only dream that I'll be able to match the standard shown in this photograph.

        There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
        (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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          Chess Board

          Hello jttheclockman,sorry took so long to respond. I am just beginning to find my way around the site.Well about myself,been scrolling for about 9 years.My 16 month son died 9 years ago so i needed something besides drugs from the doctor to keep me focus.I went to a scroll saw demo and here i am. The wood i used is black english walnut,and birdeye maple. It is all solid wood except the plywood for the felt under the top. I haven't had time to felt the draws or under the chess pieces yet.I was going to take a better picture but did not want to clog up the gallery with alot of pictures.It took me 360 hours to complete the chess board.Thats because all my wood is airdried and rough. I do all the planning sawing and everything myself. Well hope to talk to all you wonderful people soon. Take care.


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            chess board

            Hello its me again. None of the pieces were stack cut. They were all cut one by one. The finish is deft laquer. Total of six coats with sanding inbetween coats. Take care.


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              For Kuo Yee: Beautiful work!! Tonight is the first time I saw your chess board and pieces. All I can say is that I'm truly impressed!!
              If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                I was also waiting for the craftsman to introduce him or herself...I guess it's a different perspective JT...

                Regardless, I agree with all the other comments--awsome work!
                BTW, Kou Yee, my infant son died 5 years ago when he was 4 days old--so I can relate. I jumped into woodworking as's very theraputic! I still have times of overwhelming grief--so if you ever need someone to talk to--I am here.

                Bob Duncan
                Scroll Saw Workshop


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                  KUO YEE, I love it.

                  Please take your time in finding your way around the forum, and we understand there is a lot to take in here. I am here every day but often too busy reading about others to post.

                  My sympathies regarding your loss. It doesn't matter how long ago it was, continue to put those feelings in your woodwork where they will create comfort for you.


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                    Thanks to all of you for all the kind words.


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                      I reduce the pattern by 15 percent because all i had at the time until now was a dewalt 20 saw. It would of been kinda hard to swing a 24 inch top or side around the saw. I just purchase at the wood show a g4. I am planning to make another chess board soon without reducing the pattern out of rosewood and maple.


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                        This is the first I've seen of the project - hence my late reply!

                        Beautiful work Kuo Yee!! And the hours spent on it - you are very dedicated! I'm not sure I could get something like that done.





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                          OK my "BAD" on not letting the owner reply first. I just thought the way the posts were mounting that this would get overlooked and I feel this is one of the rarest pieces we have seen come across this site and need to be brought to the front.

                          Now I too want to pass along my condolences to both you and Bob for your losses. Those had to be some troubling times and am glad you have some peace in this artform to help. This scrolling does have a way of relaxing and putting you in a state of easement.

                          Kou Yee again I want to welcome you and do take your time looking around and if there are any questions or comments because I see your quality of work and you have been scrolling for awhile please jump in. The water is fine. Hope at some later date you can post some more pictures of this piece and do not worry about overloading the galleries. Pictures are good.
                          John T.


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                            Chess Board

                            Hello check out the scroll galleries when you get a chance. I put couple more pictures of the chess board on there. Thanks again John T.


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                              HI Kuo Yee great work on the chess set lot of work but worth it .


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