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  • Scroll Saw Joinery project

    Need some guidance on Scroll Saw Joinery project (Gary MacKay, Summer 2005):

    1. What are the dimensions for the hinge blanks?

    2. Why are there 2 lids?

    Mike Rubin, Phoenix, AZ

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    1. The hinge top view and side view are intended as patterns, so they are the exact size.

    2. You need two identically-sized pieces of wood to stack cut, mix and match to create the contrasting pattern on the lid--technically you will be making two lids with the pieces, but that is the easiest way to create the pattern...

    Does that answer your questions?

    Bob Duncan
    Scroll Saw Workshop


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      Scroll Saw Joinery

      I am not sure. If I understand you correctly, you end up with an extra lid in order to swap the colors. That was my guess, but I could not figure out why you would need to glue up both lids.

      On the hinges, the photos and the textual explanation are difficult to understand. The photo in Step 1 shows a block wider than the right view pattern. The material for the hinges is 1/2' thick. I am guessing that a second 1/2" thick piece of stock is attached with double-sided tape for cutting purposes. Is that correct? If so, that probably answers my question.

      Thanks for the quick response.

      Mike Rubin


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        It probably isn't necessary to glue up both lids as you need only one. I like to glue up both, then pick the one I like best for my box. When you stack cut two pieces of wood together you get a perfect fit between the adjointing pieces, thus making a good wood joint. It seems a waste, but, if you cut the contrasting wood separately you would not get a good glue joint.

        On the hinge making..... Step 1 shows a piece thicker than the finished dimensions of the hinge. You need this thicker piece when you cut the profile of the hinge and for drilling the pin holes.

        You could try making a test hinge using a piece of 3/4" x 1" x 2" piece of pine,
        poplar, or basswood. You need only an 1/8" drill bit. Do steps 1-4, skip step 5, do step 6, then use a nail to assemble your hinge. Step 5 with a 9/64" drill bit is only used to drill out 2 of the 3 hinge barrels. An 1/8" dowel will fit tightly in an 1/8" hole and we need the clearance to allow the hinge to swing freely. A 9/64" drill bit gives you that clearance.

        Hope this answers you questions,

        Gary MacKay


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