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  • Glue on Plexi

    I am working a pattern this evening and decided it would look so much better cut out of plexiglass/lexan, but I need to use glue on it.

    Does anyone know of a glue that is pliable for a couple minutes, stays transparent and would not show on plexiglass/lexan?

    I know someone on here will come up with an answer for me so I will start re cutting the pattern.

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    Weld Bond

    Weld Bond

    You will want to read about it on there site. I have seen it occasionally at Lowes and Home Depot.


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      Another great site is
      It's basically an adhesive database where you plug in what you want to glue to what--and it will make suggestions. I plugged in Plastic to Plastic and got a couple suggestions--household Goop and 5 minute epoxy...

      I would also suggest clear silicone...



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        I like to use E6000 clear It can be found in any craft store and (Home Depot but not sure?) It stays flexible and clear and can be painted. Gluing a plastic to wood can cause problems because wood moves and plastic doesn't. Here is an example of this glue use.
        John T.


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          Those are excellent works you did there JT. When are you going to post those to the gallery so some of us can take a closer gander at your process?


          Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

          Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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   if you want to see some more of my work I have a gallery and it is listed as JTTHECLOCKMAN gallery. Any comments and questions are always welcomed for sure. Thanks for the kind words.
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            John T.


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              what did you finally come up with for your project?


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                Sorry for not getting back to you Grizz, but I decided to go with the household goop since I had it in the shop. How did it turn out? Hell, it never got that far. Having a workout just cutting the plexi. Obviously not my usual brand....

                So, when I am done the cut, and on to the glue - I'll let you know how the Goop worked. Giggle.


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