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Designers, Luthiers, and others: a suggestion

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  • Designers, Luthiers, and others: a suggestion

    I know we have a couple of Luthiers here and some talented designers too:

    I ran across this link for design of a guitar stand contest:

    if you scroll down to the design by Rob Weeks, then read the judges comments.

    Now scroll up to 2nd place winner Bill Grunbine.

    There must be a design that would link the two designs with a wonderful scroll saw design. The base would only need to be 1/2 inch stock. Replace the circles with Musical 1/4 notes and a Treble cleft (fancy "&".) How about a measure of music doing do-re-me... with 1/4 notes.

    As far as the neck goes, Vine and leafs fret work might go good. However, the simple austere look of the solid neck as designed by Bill Grunbine does have merit.

    Just thinking out loud.


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    The guy who took first place deserves it in my opinion. It is sleek, simple, and elequent. Nice use of woods.

    I was reading the next contest and I think if I can get the cabinet I am working on completed I may give it a shot. Then again I have been trying to complete it for the entire winter and to no avail.
    John T.


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