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Searching For Wood In Fort Lauderdale

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  • Searching For Wood In Fort Lauderdale

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, can anyone tell me a place to buy wood at a reasonable price. I have Constantines and Woodcraft here but they are expensive when it comes to wood, even finish birch plywood.

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    Try this link:

    This will show you ONLY lumber yards that have signed up at this site.



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      Thinking outside the box

      Have you considered alternatives to locate suitable wood? Such as:

      Yard sales and flea markets. There's treasure to the found. Look for anything that you can take apart and use the components for scrolling. A $20 dresser or chest of drawers that doesn't look that great may be hiding oak, poplar, pine, and furniture grade plywood or other useful woods. Often the pieces are just the right thickness, especially the backs and drawer bottoms.

      Take the piece apart and saw off unusable portions. It's a good idea to run a metal detector over the salvaged wood to make sure you haven't missed hidden brads or staples.

      Also look for metal objects that an be transformed. Flat aluminum pot lids, metal serving trays, mirrors (remove from frame and cut mirror to fit your project) and items made from acrylics.

      Convenience centers - I often "dumpster dive" if I spot a discard that has potential.

      Woodworking and/or cabinet shops. Some may allow you to cart off their scraps for free or in exchange for helping with a little shop housekeeping.

      Discount stores - While picking may be slim, there are opportunities to obtain materials for scrolling. Look for inexpensive objects that you can transform from their intended use to one that fits your needs.

      Hope this is some food for thought.
      Lee in NC

      Als Ik Kan
      1975 Dremel (labeled Craftsman) Scroll saw w/3" pin blades


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