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  • Reduce or Enlarge Your Patterns

    If you need to figure out the percentage for changing the size of your patterns. Here is a site online that has a good calculator.

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    Thanks for the link!



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      If you don't have a computer available.. make a 3x5 note card with this formula..
      ND= New Dimension; OD= Old Dimension (original)

      (OD / ND) x 100 = % to plug into copier

      eg: if you have a 12" tall original and want it to fit a 6" board, the numbers would calculate out as:
      (12 / 6 ) x 100 = 50%

      Hope that helps
      Bill, Healdsburg, CA


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        I noticed you are new to this site, and seem to be reading some older posts.

        So Welcome. I hope you enjoy your visits.

        Would be so kind as to go over to the Welcome Members area and post a few words about your self? You know, type of saw, if you like fret work, portrait work, intarsia, so forth. Take a photo of some of your work and post tgem on the 'scoller gallery' section. If you are shy about posting your work, say so, we do understand.



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