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  • OT--Trouble accessing site

    Is there any one else having trouble accessing this site? I was having trouble a couple of days before the 29th and then was able to get on the 29th and this is the first time I've been able to get on since them. Has the site been having trouble or is it just me? I visit dailey and I get when I can't. So Please help.

    Dena F

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    I haven't had any problems (and I check in several times a day) but I'll check with our webmaster Rob.

    Thanks for the heads up!



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      I haven't heard of any problems either. The next time you have difficulty accessing the site please email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 1-800457-9112 ext. 15 so I can investigate.



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        It has been working fine for me.
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          I sometimes have a big delay in accessing both this cite and the woodcarving cite. If one is giving a delay it sometimes helps to access the other, then link to the one you originally wanted. I never noticed this on the old cite. Other times it snaps right to. I've never worried about it, just been logging it out to a busy server. It's been that way since day one. It's awfully intermittent so if its not a busy server its gonna be fun trying to track it down.


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            Bob and Rob,
            Sorry, I have not been able to access this site to reply to you. I kept getting the 502 message cannot access site, try reload. I was able to get on for about two minute on 4-2-05, then everything froze up. I wrote down the phone # and computer address now will call or e-mail if further trouble.


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              Thanks for the comment, I was beginning to wonder if it was just me having intermittent problem. I know that sites get busy and can't handle the traffic some times, but this seems most of the time. I was beginning to wonder about computer signals, but I'm not having trouble else where.


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                The scroll saw site has worked fine for me.

                Mike M
                SD Mike


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                  I've not noticed anything untoward.

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                    I am not experiencing any difficulties either and never have seen this site that crowded that it can not handle the load. This is a good site but ......
                    You may want to check your spyware and and do a little house cleaning of your cookies. Also there are some sites that are firewall sensitive in that if you have more than one firewall setup some sites will not able you to command all the functions on that site. Just a suggestion.
                    John T.


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                      **WARNING!!** Total GEEK Speak reply **WARNING!!**

                      I too had access problems, but it was an Internet Name Sever problem, but it has been cleared up.

                      Like all things computer, there are many causes of your access error to this site. Below is a long explanation on one cause.

                      If you are at work, and trying to access this site thru your company's Internet access, you local admin may be blocking this site. All what follows is not relevant in that case.

                      GEEK SPEAK:

                      Anyone who has purchased a home knows that your deed as some kind of wording like: property located at ..(some latitude and longitude gobody gook) commonly known as: (street address).

                      The fact is your street address is not a legal description of your home. The only people who care about the real location of your home is the courts and lawyers. Everyone else knows your home by the address used by the US (or Canadian) Postal Service. Which is the also used by map makers. Your county, parish, city, or somewhere there is a government office that issues translations between your legal land description and postal, or common, address.

                      The same is true with the internet. Everywhere on the internet has a real address which is made up of four sets of numbers (0-255) and a period in between. This is like the latitude and Longitude of your home. Only when setting up a site (sub-dividing a parcel of land for building) or when there is a problem will the real location mater to the experts.

                      But to make life easy, easy to remember names (scrollsawer) along with type of domain reference (www-world wide web; ftp-file transfer, and so forth) plus the authority for the domain (.com, .{state}.us, .ca, .net, .org, .edu, and a host of others) are combined to translate such as into a four number set address as

                      {deleted 1.5 hour lecture on Internet Protocol (IP) Address schemes}

                      When you connect to the Internet, thru your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your ISP should be running a Domain Name Server (DNS). The function of the DNS is to provide Name Server translations from common name to four number set address.

                      {delete 3 hour lecture on DNS and NS hierarchy}
                      {Delete 1.5 hour lecture on NS and Common (Domain) Name registration process}
                      {Delete Pop Quiz} {Delete Pop Quiz Review}

                      Two things to try if you have problems accessing an internet site like this:
                      in your internet browser, in the address box type in (without the quotes)
                      " "which is the unique address for
                      if you are able to access the site, then your ISP has a problem with it's DNS server.
                      Also try: " for

                      {Delete how to use run-->command to get command prompt}
                      {Delete nslookup -q/A command for A record}
                      {Delete nslookup -query/MX command for mail MX domain}

                      2- {deleted as ping disabled at}

                      However, if you cannot access the web site by using IP address, then the problem could be (is?) one where your ISP, and the Internet access whole-seller, could be having a fault / maintenance issue with the complete internet. In other words, that part of the Internet here you want to go is unavailable when you need to get there. (provided it is not your computer doing the blocking!)

                      So, now the point of all this: In order to resolve a complex issue like DNS servers, unresolved IP address, inaccessible IP address and so forth, BOTH your ISP help desk (if you are at home) and Rob (Admin of need to know about it, and they need to know as it occurs, because it could be intermittent.

                      But, you should be aware that a lot of complaints like yours are the result of site blockage by your own browser security setting. So, when you call be aware that your ISP help desk will walk you thru a lot of stuff to double check on this. It is just a script they are working from, nothing personal.

                      End of lecture
                      Homework: try accessing this site with IP address



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