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  • The latest issue of SSW

    This is really self-serving...but I'm going to do it anyway LOL!

    SSW 19 is really the first issue that Shannon Flowers (the administrative manager) and I were the main editorial people involved in from start to finish...It's really our personal First issue...

    So I was wondering what you all thought of it. My general philosphy has been to try to get people to stretch a little bit and try something they might not otherwise try...but at the same time help people build up their basic skills and make "sellable" products....Did we succeed with this issue?

    Thanks in advance!!


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    I am eagerly waiting for it to hit the shelves!
    When it does I will lock myself away till I can read it cover to cover.
    Then you will get the expert critique you are waiting for
    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      Bravo Zulu!!!!

      Bob....You And Shannon need to pat each other on the back!! Nice layout and good articles. Although I no longer attend shows since I quit carving birds, I liked the article by Judy and Dave Peterson. Should be a lot of help for those who want to show and sell their work. Please pass my regards to Shannon.
      If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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        Bravo, Well done

        Ya done good!
        Keep it up.

        My saw is a DeWalt788 Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut


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          Ok Bob, remember... you asked! lol.

          I really enjoyed this issue - my favorite articles were on the scroll saw joinery and the short one on wood toxicity. I was looking forward to Kathy Wise's Arabian when I seen it previewed, and was pleasantly surprised with other patterns, particularly Cat Lover's Clock by John Nelson.

          The previous issue left me disappointed in some regards. I felt like the Spring 2005 issue was just promoting books and advertisements when what I really wanted to see were the puzzles and construction for them. Yesterday, I was thrilled to see the pattern for the Layered Marquetry Puzzle in the Summer issue.

          The current issue is a definate "must see" in my humble opinion.


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            Not Fair

            As my 2 yr old grand son would say, "its not fair" it is April 6th and the mailman still hasn't delivered my copy of SSW...Humm wonder if the folks at the post office are reading it before they deliver it to me...

            Sounds like some of you have already gotten your copy...Oh well maybe tomorrow.
            Jim Paskett
            RBI HAWK 220


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              Good job, but...

              In general, you've done a great job with this issue. There is a wide variety of great info and projects. The cover photo is very attention getting and should aid in selling all the issues you print. And if that doesn't do it, then word of your scoring the much sought after Malavolta pattern will certainly do it.
              The cover is honest when it says "The Look of Classic Dovetail Joints".
              However, 10 lashes with a wet noodle for the article's subtitle on p.46: "Cut classic dovetails using only a scroll saw". Classic dovetails are corner joints and the article's project uses 45-degree miter joints at the corners.
              In addition, and as I've posted elsewhere, I think the cover article and its associated download lacked the depth of description necessary to let readers understand the construction and use of the table saw jigs mentioned in the article, particlularly the 90-degree jig. There were too few words and too few visual aids. (I am very familiar with construction and use of table saw sleds and jigs and I couldn't get very far with the info provided. )

              SawTooth / Spence


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                Thanks Saw Tooth--I need that kind of feedback! I struggled with that part myself for quite some time! I'll see if I can't clear that up--and I won't make that mistake again!



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