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In Issue #19, "Oh, how true."

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  • In Issue #19, "Oh, how true."

    In issue #19, the article "Craft Shows", within the very first paragraph it is stated: " First of all, be sure you are prepared emothionally and psychologically to part with the things you've designed and made."

    We just put out items for the first time in our 'Craft Booth.' Oh, my how hard that was! To realize that, not a friend or relative is going to have MY stuff in there home. LOL

    I just finished the "Catch Some Air" from issue #19 and... well, it's not that big a deal... just a simple pattern on 1/4 birch. But my first thought after finishing was.... "I guess you are going to go to the booth too."

    If some money starts coming in, I'm sure I will adjust.

    PS. My son not only could see the words "Catch Some Air", but he also said there was, "Catch Some Asome (Awesome) Air."

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    I can see I am going to have to get a subscription. I was just at my grocery store where I pick up the magazine and they still have issue #18 out.

    I enjoy putting my items into a craft show. Not just because of the sales but also for the comments I hear from the people. When family say they like what I make, it is one thing, but to hear it from "strangers" is is very nice for the ego!! lol
    Since most of what I do is "production" work, it isn't the same as putting out a "one-of-a-kind" item. Maybe that makes it easier to part with things.

    So - how is your booth looking?? Did you take pictures so we can all see it??



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      Originally posted by Forester21
      So - how is your booth looking?? Did you take pictures so we can all see it??

      I'm sure the "Scrapbook" Queen will get a picture of the booth soon. For a 4x4x8 spot I think it looks pretty good. I just wish I had one closer to the front. I built in three risers with half moon fronts and covered them with a satin-ee Hunter Green cloth. All the paint, wood, I had on hand so I really didn't have any out of pocket expenses.


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        The other side of parting with your beloved creations is that you get the good feeling that people all over the place are enjoying your things. I really enjoyed that feeling when I was selling only at craft shows and music festivals, but it comes round in spades now that I have been putting my compound-cut guitar and dulcimer ornaments out on ebay. Every week now I am shipping ornaments to California, Ontario, Alabama, and who knows where next? Still not making much money, but I get to know that by next december I'll be on dozens if not hundreds of mantles and xmas trees all over the continent!


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          Speaking of scapbooks Griz...did you ever come up with any ideas for those scapbook covers? I mentioned it to my wife's scapbook friend and now she is prodding me for some work.

          Help me out here, I'm getting hen pecked.

          Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

          Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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            Sorry, I have not had the time. When I come up with something, I'll let you know.


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