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A few project from a friend in Belgium

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  • A few project from a friend in Belgium

    I have the patterns but so far no time to make them. There are 30 pages full of patterns each. They are on 2 x2 feet of paper. The first is the Church from Ulm, Germany. It has the tallest tower of any churh in the world I understand. The other is the Cathedral from Milan. It took my friends almost 6 years to make that one. They went about 6 or 7 times to Milan to make sure that they had it right.
    I will post two pictures of August and his wife Maria so you can see what they used to cut them.
    Mike M
    SD Mike

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    That is amazing!! It would take me longer than that to cut out using my scroll saw, let alone how they did!!!


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      That is astonishing.

      I can't understand the workmanship - the patience - the skill.
      And who designed the pattern?


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        Great Job

        Mike-- you have shown me these pictures before and I am in awe. Now you tell me they did them using the hand saw I am blown away. I agree it would take me at least 6 years to do them with my RBI and your Flying Dutchman blades. That my friend is craftsmanship to it fullest. Did they draw up the patterns as well?????? If so please do me a favor and never show them any of my work because it can not compare. Great job. I would like to see you take on that challenge Mike. That would keep you busy for awhile.
        John T.


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          Here is one sheet of 30 with patterns of the Church in Ulm.

          Mike M
          SD Mike


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            Incredible job! I have been contemplating building a wooden cathedral myself.
            My great Grandfather was a master stone mason, as was his cousin. The cousin apprenticed and retired on the same jobsite building the Liverpool Cathedral.
            I want to build a smaller model of an original design. My intent was to produce all the files with Corel Draw and build flying butresses out of 3/4 stock. The whole model could then be slotted together as mnodules, allowing the builder to design their own model.
            Being the king of the biggest nation in the world "ProcrastiNATION" I sincerly doubt I will get it done. But if it wasnt for dreams we wouldnt have creativity.
            Hats off to the Masters who built those models.

            Carl Hird-Rutter
            CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
            "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
            Ryobi SC180VS scroll saw EX21


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              Speechless, what else can I say?

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