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  • The Cost of It All

    I have recently noticed how some people consider scrollsawing to be an expensive hobby. I asked my husband his opinion and received a big grin and a comment that he didn't consider scrolling to be my expensive hobby, but my expensive JOB! LOL.

    When I began scrolling, I had a table set up in my garage and a few basic peices of equipment - a saw (200.00), drill press (100.00), palm sander (60.00). I couldn't put a cost on the courses, the books/magazines, the patterns, the wood, the blades, and all the little extras.

    Personally, I see the potential of many hobbies to be expensive but when you add it all up, do you consider scrolling to be one of the more expensive hobbies? Explain?

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    Scrolling for me is a free hobby ... All the tools are bought for working on the house, the books etc. are educational material, wood is left overs from other projects. Also, I use a lot of cedar fence boards from old fences that are torn down. I just plane them down and scroll Christmas ornaments forever. The only expense that can be attributed to scrolling is electricity and time. Everything else gets charged to necessary household upkeep and honey do's. Now if I could just figure a way to do that with fishing, hunting, golf, and amateur radio I'd be one happy camper.


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      LOL. Oh how I WISH I was so lucky!

      If you find a way to have other "free" hobbies, please let me know... I am longing for a new snowmobile but just can't figure out a way to write it off for business and unless my truck breaks down, (and it is a Ford F150, so what are the chances) I can't even say I need a new "vehicle".


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        Hobby? of Carrer?

        Scrollsawing and woodworking to me has become a carrer. Im going to retire from the Air Force in 18 months, and I have made alot of extra income from my scrollsawing. I make alot of plaques, wall sconses, clocks for craft shows. I can say last year (2004) I made $5000 from scrollsawing / woodworking. Im only doing it part time. I cant wait to retire and do what I love full time.....

        Randy Anderson
        Intarsia Artist
        Email: [email protected]


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          Well now let's see---

          14 inch band saw for re-sawing wood down to 1/4 inch
          Don't forget the resaw height expansion option---
          and then the expensive re-saw blades for the bandsaw

          Then there is the surface planner for the re-sawn wood
          Spare planner knifes and kit for installation

          Must have an 8 inch joiner to make sure edges are exactly 90 degrees to the face of the wood

          Table saw, preferably the good delta cabinet table saw, not some contractors saw Oh! and the third party optional precision fence system.

          {Hey! don't bother me with Baltic Birch plywood, I dreaming of spending money here}

          There must be at least three sanding stations; belt, oscillating, and disk

          and now it becomes necessary to invest in a dust collection system

          {a dowel with sandpaper?? go away!!}

          Ah!! a finishing system (maybe a separate room? Need air ventilation system!) Let me think, Air compressor and tank, Air brush system, LPHV spray gun...

          {now don't be silly, a bucket, BLO, and just dip the project? You're starting to bother me}

          Yes, I think scroll sawing is trully an expensive hobby.

          Graybeard Phil


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            It could be but, it doesn't have to be expensive. If your fortunate to be able to "write off" expenses or have certain materials available at little or no cost, that certainly would alleviate cost. Even if you are not forunate to have these perks, You can take it as far as YOU want to. Use what you can afford and save for those items you can't. I can only afford a Dremel saw right now and I am sure there will be a time when a Dewalt or even an RBI will be wanted.
            I know there are more expensive hobbies. I know, I just got out of one to get into this scroll sawing. The money gotten out of my other hobby COULD have bought me 4 or five Hawks. Unfortunately, bills got in the way. But I am here havin fun and keepin busy, when I have the time to "keep busy", if you know what I mean.
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            Mike P.

            He is a man of sense who does not grieve for what he has not, but rejoices in what he has.
            - Epictetus


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