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What is your favorite theme/topic for intarsia?

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  • What is your favorite theme/topic for intarsia?

    I decided to take a break from designing an intarsia pattern for the moment and was wondering what others enjoyed as topics for intarsia?

    Recently, I noticed a book on Knights and Middle Ages Mosaics which caught my interest - just one more of those things to look at doing ... eventually! So many patterns...

    Personally, I enjoy wildlife such as deer, and have taken an interest in firearms. What is your favorite theme/topic for intarsia?

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    Hi Toni,
    Thanks for the invite to this SSW Forum!

    If Im not too busy doing Intarsia for customers, I like to do nature scenes. I guess I'm inspired by Judy Gail Roberts nature scenes. I'm designing a large scene that will fit on a 4' X 8' plywood backer board. My subject for this piece is fishing. This will be a rendering of my father and I fishing on a beaver dam in the Colorado, Silt Devide.

    I think this particular dam has long since been torn down when the road was developed, but it remains pristine in my mind. When I finally finish this piece I plan to share it along with an artical to SSW for publishing.

    Randy Anderson
    Randy Anderson
    Intarsia Artist
    Email: [email protected]


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      That sounds like a project to work on over a long period of time. I can only imagine how many peices it would take to make a 4x8 mosaic.

      Randy, are you all done your "Rose" sales? For those of you who don't know Randy - he makes these beautiful free standing roses (you can check them out on his site) and has even sold one to Oprah of all people!


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        I like domestic animals as well as wildlife (though I want my wildlife without firearms, thank you ) and I am especially drawn to wolves.
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          Thanks for sharing, Randy -- your work is breath taking.


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            Randy, WOW,

            I'm almost afraid to start my intarsia now!!! Kathy assures me that if I can carve, I can do intarsia...but i have trouble finishing my carving projects too!!!!



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              Thanks Bob & Nancy

              Thanks for your nice coments.
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              Randy Anderson
              Intarsia Artist
              Email: [email protected]


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                just found this board and my main "bread and butter" is intarsia.

                My favorites to do are bird, birds and more birds. Seem to be the biggest sellers for me, and not the large birds like eagles, the backyard birds like hummingbirds, chickadees and finches. With the exception of the chickadee, most the bird sketches I do, the wood can be changed from time to time to give them a different look.

                Okay, I also must admit I do like doing cats. Same pattern, different woods give them a totally different look (Orange tabby, Brown tabby, grey tabby etc.) I'm not really as enthused about selling them as I should be, because I want them for myself.


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                  CATS ??? Did somebody say CATS ???

                  Hee hee ........
                  Joanna, would you need some REALLY nice - say several thousand - photos of cats for reference? When I'm not feeding cats - I'm feeding birds.
                  If I ever figure out scroll sawing enough to attempt intarsia, I'll do Christmas themes..... like that wreath on the cover of the last issue. But I'll probably draw my own designs - SANTAS !!
                  Actually, I could do the sawing but dread the thought of the sanding.


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                    Welcome Joanna.
                    To see cats you don't have to feed birds, just click on this site:
                    Mike M
                    SD Mike


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                      Welcome Joanna! Glad you found us and have posted an introduction. Please feel free to share some of your work with us. I personally would like to see what members are working on.


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                        Sigh.. I would love to post some pictures or direct you to a web site, but I'm still a bit inept on the computer. Just when I think I got the hang of it, it throws me a new glitch.

                        I tell myself every year I'm going to work on a web site when winter comes.....gee, I guess January would qualify as that . I'm so terrible sometimes I forget to take pictures of my work before it's sold.

                        Did my introduction get posted? I typed it up, and when I went to post it I ran into a snag. Had to relog in and thought it was lost. See what I mean about me and computers



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