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  • Starting in Intarsia

    Hi everyone,
    Kathy Wise just came up with a pattern for a St. Bernard puppy, which is tempting me to try my hand at intarsia. I've always tried to stretch my talents...but I've only worked through 1/2 of John Nelson's Scroll Saw Workbook and haven't tried intarsia at all...should I wait until I've finished the book or can I jump right in and just sand the piece to fit?

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    Try it Bob, you'll like it! lol, its fun, I have only done a few but they are fun to do. Also marquetry is fun too...


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      Go for it! Just be sure your a patient man. It is very time consuming.


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        That makes me hesitate...I don't have a saw at home, so I'll be cutting it during my lunch 1/2 hour at work...But I guess it will force me to get better at scrolling!


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          Hmmm, just do it! I took a class on teaching adults once and apparently, statistics indicate we learn better by actually "doing it" then "reading about how to do it" in many cases.

          Besides, I'd think you'd have some pretty good "experts" to assist you should you need to ask questions while you work through the pattern.


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            Or force you to buy a saw for home! LOL I am starting intarsia but am working it in between other projects as it works very well this way. I try to picture in my mind the wood variations I would like to use, then wait until I have that type of wood to use. Make any sense? But most times I just buy wood because I like the color, grain, etc. and the right project just comes along for it, even if it is 6 months later!! GOOD LUCK!!

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              Hi Bob,

              Check this site: There you can learn about how to make intarsia.
              If you need more help email me and glad to help.

              Mike M
              SD Mike


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