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    Originally posted by Forester21
    Thanks for the welcome Will. I'm trying to do more scrolling and designing in order to get out of painting myself!! I've had a chance to check out some of the other's sites, and am looking forward to seeing more of them!

    More scrolling? More designing? That's definately a good thing, but don't let the painting go. There is definately room for painting on wood projects you make with the scrollsaw.

    What interests you - fretwork or intarsia?


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      Hi Tony - I don't think I will ever get completely out of painting. Just trying to expand my scroll sawing. I do fall craft shows, so from Oct to Mid-December painting is all I do. By January I am burnt out on painting. I would like to try my hand at painting patterns as well as scroll saw ones tho.

      I haven't tried intarsia yet, although I did do a little sectional cutting. Right now I am doing some inlay along with the fretwork.



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        No Mike that's not what I'm talking about. He had a flat piece of plastic (?), the width of the top and about 6-8 inches deep, with a slit in the center to match up with the slit in the Hegner saw and some holes for blades and some other cutouts on it. It somehow fit under the table top. does this sound familiar to you? If not, I wonder what he had? But he did say it was from you.

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          OK Will8989.

          I don't know what you exactly what it is. It seems that you are talking about some on top of the table. I have about 5 pictures to show and will try if I can post them here
          Ron Posten was the one who made it, not from plastic but from nice plywood.
          It fits under on top of the table with cut outs, so the sides go past the saw.
          Maybe someone else from AMI made one also but than from plactic.

          Mike M
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