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  • my first post: a portrait

    hi all. i've been scrolling a month now. right from the start i was interested in portraits, so over the last month i bought and have been learning to use elements 6.0 (using mr andy deane's tutorial as a sketchy guide to help me through it). i took the original pic, of the boy and his dad, and was trying to do a portrait of them both. i couldn't get the dad quite right (maybe its hard to do portraits of friends?) but i really wanted to try cutting something i edited myself so i cropped the pattern. i'm waiting for my first bb order to come in this week so this is just plain birch ply i bought to practice with. the most outstanding flaws, i think, are the shirt collar, the hand and the cheek line. i think i need to figure out how to use lines better to create edges without going into too much detail or shadowing. anyway, i've been wanting to post a cutting so here it is along with the original picture. any advice, criticism, or leads to an elements tutorial would be thankfully received.
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    Hey Acorn,

    I think your most outstanding flaw so far, is you looking for your flaws. First off, for someone who started scrolling a month ago, your cutting looks great.
    Secondly, this being your first portrait pattern coming out like it did, is truly outstanding. You did an awesome job. And so far as criticism, let us do that, everyone can find flaws in thier own work, if we can't find it, then it isn't a flaw!!!
    Great Job.


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      Great work, I don't see anything wrong with it. Your cutting is superb for someone only starting a month ago. Very nice job!
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        G'day Acorn,
        Great portrait, Don't let it get out you've only been cutting for a month, people think it's hard so it makes items you sell more precious

        You captured the nipper just right. One fault, I see, is people tend to try and put to much details in their portraits, eg, make them into a copy of the photo. You have the balance just right, in my book. Well done.
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          Looking fine there. Excellent cutting, although I will agree that the cheek bridge is not optimal, although I don't know where to put it. A most excellent start there, so keep it up.

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            wow thankyou so much. yah i guess i'm a little over critical on this thread but, i promise, i've been walking around with a strut and grin. and my friends are totally impressed (they've never seen a scroll saw portrait before =). and i didn't mention that i did this one while taking a break from the more intense dragon pattern i'm going to post after i double check it's permission to use.

            i have to admit the sticky about why we do portraits has inspired me very much.


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              Way to go Acorn!!! I agree with all the previous posts about the quality of your work, both the finished piece and the pattern!! I wasn't sure if you were saying my tutorial was sketchy or me? LOL Just kidding, seriously. I'm overjoyed that at least it got you on the road to where you are and wish you the utmost success in this addiction. I agree with your comment about the cheek line but I think the shirt and collar are just fine!! The facial lines are always the difficult choice, where to break the lines, how much detail or shadow can you pull off ... but you did excellent!! Perhaps you could continue the cheek line where you've broken it but create just a small bridge where the young lads eye meets the cheek line. It would give you the flow you want without sacrificing strength of the wood? Just a thought ... if you don't change a thing, your success is deserving of the praise you're receiving and I applaud you too!!

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                Wow, a month? I'm coming up on 2 years scrolling and I've probably cut a hundred portraits. Yours is awesome. Keep up the great work. Greg.


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                  First portrait or not, you did a great job!

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                    Out standing job I think everone covered what could be said so I say again Out standing.Jerry
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                      Fantastic job! I look forward to seeing from very nice cuts from you.
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                        Wow! Very first huh! I don't think I would want to show my first one on here. You did an outstanding job. David
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                          Do not beat yourself up about flaws you see. We can all find our own flaws no problem, but when I have my biggest critic and inspector (my wife) look at things, she rarely complains about the little stuff that bugs the tar out of me.

                          Keep posting on here and listen to these people, they are honest and will give you some wonderful thoughts and ideas. What's cool about being here is they are all here to help and want all of us to be the best we can.

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                            thanks again all. and andy, i just watnted to thank you personally for creating that tutorial. i just meant sketchy in that elements is a bit different. actually, your webpages were the first site i started visiting and the main inspiration for kick starting this whole scroll saw venture of mine. i saved all the pages and pics to go back to over and over and over AND OVER again. it was like having a buddy to call up and ask a quick question. i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this lucky to have such a resource.


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                              I can see what you mean re: the cheek and Andy's comments were valid. However, I opened the portrait and the photograph, side by side, and you have captured the little guy to a tee. In my mind, that is what portraits are all about. I usually show family and friend portraits to my four year old grandson. If he recognises them straight away, I know that I have done okay, even if there are things that I am not 100% happy with.

                              Well done for doing so well, so soon: and keep up the good work.



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