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  • bevel cutting

    i have received some patterns that require a bevel cut it says tilt the table 4 degrees down to the left and cut counter-clock wise if i tilt the table to the right do i saw clock-wise

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    Yes. This should cut a bevel that is wider on the underside than on the top. It might be wise to make a test cut to be sure you’re cutting it correctly. Also, you want to make sure that the instructions are clear as to whether the direction of the cut refers to the way the wood is fed, or the way the blade appears to be moving through the wood. It usually refers to the way the blade appears to be moving through the wood, but it’s possible that the designer wasn’t using standard terminology.


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      When doing bevel cut inlays I put a an arrow on the surface so that I know the direction my blade will be going. It is very easy to get your head turned around. Carole is correct on the wording It can be easily misinterpreted.
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