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  • OK drag race fans...

    here's a quickie I did over the weekend for an old race buddy of mine from the 60's. York US 30 Drag-O-Way was a big thing on weekends around here in the 60's. We used to get Friday night fever ... we'd take the cars off the road, re-jet the carbs, change the gearing, throw the slicks in the trunk and take off for the 'drags' on saturday morning. We'd spend most of the day sucking down soda and food and inhaling clorox burn-outs and nitro-methane fumes. Then hope we didn't break something we couldn't fix for Mondays ride to work. And we wonder now why we have an occaisonal 60's flash back!
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    Very kewl cutting Pop.
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      Sweet! Go Mopar!

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        nice Pops now those were the good old days, pedal to the metal turn and burn
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          Awesome ... dusted some of the cobwebs from the distant corners of my mind with your description too. Nice way to start the day. Thanks Pops!

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            We had our own U.S. 30 Dragstrip in Hobart, IN. All the top names were here at one time or another. There were occasional Friday night meets, but mostly it was SUNDAAAAAAAY at beautiful U.S. 30 dragstrip. I spent many a day and evening there when I was younger.

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              Nice work, Pop.

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                Stirred up some dust and cobwebs in my mind too I live only about 1 1/2 hrs from Rockingham NC. Sweet memories ....well those I can recall anyway

                MOPAR or no car !!

                Good job Pop
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                  Grew up listening to my dad telling of his drag racing in the 50's & 60's, drove to the track, raced and if it broke had someone pull them home. How things have changed, but is sure is good to think back to "the good ol' days" huh?

                  Nice job on the cutting too.

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