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Kevin's Springer Spaniel is done

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  • Kevin's Springer Spaniel is done

    This took about 4 1/2 hours I hope everyone likes it the first pic is about one hour in. Jerry
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    Its a fine job! And a good looking design too Kevin.

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      Jerry, you did a good job with a good pattern. Thumbs up to both of you.

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        That's smashing. The design illustrates the breed's feathering in a way that artists are rarely able to portray. To do it with a saw takes a great deal of talent on the part of both the pattern designer and the cutter.

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          Thanks so much for bringing that to life Jerry! You did an outstanding job cutting it. Without your cut it's just lines on paper. I'm always humbled when someone finds on of my patterns worthy of their time and materials.
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            Well done indeed Jerry! It's so good to see someone able to step up to the plate and hit a home run off Kevin's pitch. Great team work!!!!! Thanks for sharing the progress and final pic. I guess I'd better run over to Kevin's site and get a copy before he pulls the pattern. LOL Now that it's cut and looks so good he'll want to charge $$ for it!! ROTF

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              Nicely cut, Jerry - and fast off the mark ... Nice to see it cut.

              Andy- I already of thought of that so got my copy yesterday

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                Gret pattern Kevin and a fantastic job of cuttting it Jerry
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                  Good one Jerry.


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                    Jerry, that is sweet !
                    Good job on the pattern Kevin ( as usual ), gonna grab that one for myself even though it will join a long " to do " list at present
                    great job guys
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                      Kevin and Jerry, you both deserve a big "ATTA BOY". Nice work.
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                        Thanks all,I think it was the really close inside cuts that pulled me to it. I love a challenge and some of those cuts are really close,Thanks for the pattern Kevin I had a lot of fun cutting it.(Note to anyone cutting this) I cut all of the tiny holes first then moved on to the ones that were a little bigger and so on,When cutting the ones that have really close edges I changed the blade after everyone of the bigger inside cuts. This makes for a lot less drag on the cut, I did keep the used blades as they are still good. there are somewhere around 126 cuts. Thanks again for all the kind words. Jerry/Kevin
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                          Very nice indeed Jerry! Kevin definetly has a knack for capturing the "furred" animal designs. Excellent job guys.
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