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  • project in the making

    After 21 years in the Air Force and 5 trips to the sand pile son has decided to put his shingle ou and up He retired from the air force in Feb this year so decided to make him this plaque.
    Tell me the good or bad coments i have big shoulders and now is the time to improve it Thanks Jerry

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    Honestly...looks like something to be very proud of. Nice work!
    Jeff Powell


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      Although the letters seem a little misplaced, I too think you done good. What is that glittery background you used? I like it, and can think of a couple projects I have here that would really look good with that backing. and a note to your son from me... for protecting my country and my freedom! Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Thanks for the in put it isn t glued yet nor painted as for the glittery back ground it is like contact paper made by a company i had them give me a few sheets not sure i can get any more sorry

        I'll give son your thanks knowing he will like to hear the postive as he has heard the Neg alot


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          I think it looks great, I would like to find the backing in gold for the pig I just finished.Looks great.Jerry
          Don't worry be scrolling


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            Hi Jerry,

            I know your son will like it! For those of you looking for that Metal Flake backing. If you have a Hobby Lobby Store in your area, they have something like it for about $2 each for a 12"X12" sheet in several colors.

            Old Scrollers Never Die...They Just Saw Away!


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              If that background is 'paper -ish', you might consider what will happen when moisture hits it. An alternative would be Blue Mirror Acrylic.


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                GF, I think you forgot the CH in front of the AIR. Just kidding ya', I tell my retired Air Force Dad that line all the time. I think you did good and he will be mighty proud to have it. I thought of puling the plug myself as my 20 year mark is in May but I am going to be a super lifer and stay until 30 if they let me.

                Once again, good work, and congrats to your boy for making it through the gaunlet.

                Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

                Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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