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  • The Intimadator finished

    I finished this up this morning just thought I'd show it off I stack cut three of them out of 1/4" BB,and was able to get the front end in one piece lol,I'll download a better pic when I frame it.amazing this one only took about 8 hours not bad.Who ever thought of tilting the table forward BRILLIANT.

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    Very nice job, Jerry - looks like there was some tricky cutting there ..

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      Very nice indeed...did you sell it yet?

      I bet you post it on a nascar fan site and there'll be a ton of people wanting it. I posted my "Underworld" Beckinsale portrait at a fan site and the amount of people that want to buy it is unbelieveable...and they'll pay more than I expected too...but I'm not selling !!! lol

      I bet you can really up the value with a rebel flag type of frame! Them texans have all the loot.
      Jeff Powell


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        Jerry great job.

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        I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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          It looks great. And, as Jeff said, it will be an easy sale. I do think this phrase is better then the tilted table one though .... Whoever thought of stackcutting was brilliant! Looks great, and fragile. Dale
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            Suhhhhhweeet !!!
            Outstanding job Jerry !
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              thanks for the complaments guys it makes me feel really good, It still needs to be framed waiting on the glass Jeff where would I find that site? I'm gonna post it on a site caller it free and you can post locally where there's no shiping involved,But I would like to find a site just for thie piece.Thanks again guys.

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                Great job on that Jerry!
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                  I'm not into Nascar...just a bunch of guys driving in a circle to me. I'm sure you do a quick search for Nascar Forums, message boards, fan'll find plenty of results...that's all I did. Of course, my main reason for doing so is that I'd like to try and track Kate down and get her opinion on herself, and that's a very difficult task, so I'm hoping a fan will contact me with the information on how to get ahold of her.
                  Jeff Powell


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                    Thanks Kevin, Thanks jeff, I did a search yesterday but I didn't find any forums where I could post a pic they have all rights reserved and such.Oh well maybe I'll find something ,Thanks again for the positive feed back.

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                      How about slipping it in...hey guys ...yadyadayada...I love nascar. Dale Erhardt is the greatest ...I think that's what you have there, don't quote me! ...anyhow..I love scrolling too...anyone wants to check out my portrait of the intimidator car's so awesome...www. wherever your picture is .com !
                      Jeff Powell


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                        That's funny Jeff, I have one of those sites too,LOL

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