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First ever vs. most recent.

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  • First ever vs. most recent.

    Here's a few pics. of the first piece I ever cut and my most recent almost 2 years later. Made a little progress so far.
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    Confuscious says, "The cautious seldom err".
    Confuscious didn't own a scrollsaw either.

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    Indeed you have! great job. Actually a great job on both. I think the biggest problem with the first was material selection. I really do like that style of pattern.

    The latest one is awesome! I like the grain and I like the beveled edge you gave the wood....I think it is beveled.
    Fine lines and a much steadier hand than the first time through!

    Congratulations on making such a fine piece
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      Thanks. I beveled the edge and burnt it with a torch to give it that bark effect. The first ever piece was luan by choice for practicing and getting the feel phase. Cut alot of test pieces and had alot break because of the luan voids.
      Confuscious says, "The cautious seldom err".
      Confuscious didn't own a scrollsaw either.


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        Very nice work from first to latest, I think carl is right the grain in the last one makes the project look great.Again great job lookin good.

        Don't worry be scrolling


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          How about that!

          Nice work, very professional.



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            Very nice job cutting that pheasant. The "bevelling and burning" technique looks like it works well.

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              Both are very nice works of art.
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