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    This is my latest project. It was cut with a #0 Spiral blade.

    This was my first try cutting with a spiral blade and I must say I was happy with the way it cut. The only drawback is the amount of fuzzies left on the back side of the project. I was able to remove most of the fuzzies with sand paper, but there were a few areas that were to fragile to sand.

    I thought that I read a thread somewhere that someone was removing fuzzies with a torch. Can some one tell me what kind of torch and the setting of the torch.


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    Well, since nobody has jumped in, I'll try to help..I haven't done it, but I read the thread you mentioned.If I remember correctly, they used a MICRO torch, as in the itty bitty ones. Put your great looking fish , face down, on a backer board (scrap wood) This is so the torch flame won't come thru your cuts and burn the front of the fishy. Use the smallest flame that will work, and pass it quickly across the fuzzies. They just go poof, as in disappear. Picture dropping a small piece of lint into a candle flame, should be gone in a blink. Before you try it based on my recollection, scroll a little piece of scrap to make some fuzzies, and practice passing that flame over the practice piece. I'd rather you burn up some scrap than scorch that Great looking fish. Excellent Job on it..Good luck with the torch....Larry

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      hey Tim thats a great looking fish you scrolled,excellent job, and to add what Larry has said I use a butane torch I got from home depot, wal mart also carries them with refil cans, as Larry pointed out justs couple of quick passes is all it takes but caution burn the fuzzies off before you remove the pattern with any kind of solvent we don't want to burn up a project we work so hard to make
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        That's a very nice cutting Tim.


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          Nice work Tim.

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            Super nice angel fish
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              Great job on the fish. I don't use a micro torch, just a regular propane one. I don't worry about flame size either. I just keep it moving. My routine is blow, sand, torch, sand, blow. Repeat as necessary.



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                I use one of those lighter type torches. the kind that you use to start your gas stove, with the trigger.
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                  Very nice Tim! We'll make a fretter out of you yet, hehehehe.
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