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  • Thoughts of Spring

    I designed this pattern based on a photo I took last year in my front yard


    1/8 Maple ply 2/0 FD " easy" spiral ( love those blades ) BLO and Deft

    Thanx for lookin'
    DW788 and Hawk 226

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    I like that a lot, Robert. Very nicely done.

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      VERY nice Robert! That looks terrific.
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        Robert, that's a great design and cutting. I assume that's a swallowtail?
        BTW, isn't the butterfly off center, horizontally?

        It's nice to see you back. You've been kinda scarce.

        Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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          Nicely done. And from your own original pattern, too. I have GOT to get moving!

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            Great job on both the pattern and cutting! Glad to see you still making sawdust! I've missed ya buddy......

            DeWalt 788

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              I love the butterfly. Nice cutting.
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                Good job Robert. Never tried making my own patterns, got to try one soon.

                Scrollin' with DeWalt DW788


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                  Excellent job on pattern design and cutting.
                  I also like the colour behind the flowers.
                  CAЯL HIRD-RUTTEЯ
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                    Thanx for the kind words everyone . I am pretty happy with this one . Time has not been my friend lately I work for Home Depot Supply and if you read or watch the news at all you know what a tough time they're going through. Well that trickles right down the ranks unfortunately . I try to keep up with my online family though, and sometimes taking 5 minutes to read the posts here makes all the difference in my sanity I hope to find more time to be active soon

                    Mike the placement is on purpose. I had it centered originally and to my mind's eye it just looked better moved up with more wood exposed on the bottom

                    Thanx again everyone guys are often the brightest spot in my otherwise frustrating days of late
                    DW788 and Hawk 226

                    " Please let me grow to be the man my dog thinks I am "


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                      Be Proud

                      That is very nice Robert! Great job all around.

                      What you've chosen to cut, chosen to leave is a wonderful balance. You should be very proud of this piece.

                      Take care


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                        nice job. I agree with your moving the centering. It has to look good to you artistically, which I believe is lacking in alot of pattern work. make the mind's eye do the work! Les-jr


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                          Robert you did a beautiful job on both the pattern and the scrolling and its nice to see you posting and scrolling again
                          Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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                            Nice butterfly picture, you did a great job on it Robert.

                            Delta P-20 & Q-3

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                              Very well designed and cut Robert, i like it a lot.


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