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An apology is in order.

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  • An apology is in order.

    Hello folks, I am writing to apologze for a huge misunderstanding in relation to my thread last week concerning the PSP Tutorial I wrote...the thread has since been removed and was cause for concern by one member that he was "losing his mind". LOL...that's another story... tho...ha ha.

    First off, let me acknowledge a couple of mistakes on my part.

    - I should have specified from the get-go that there would be a small fee for the guide. I did not and that was my first mistake.

    - I wasn't aware that we couldn't use the boards to market our own products, etc. This is no excuse as I realize I should have read over the guidlines but I didn't. I mean I know that it would be unacceptable to say "hey buy my stuff" but I didn't realize that what I did was against the policy as we are allowed to have our websites in our siggys, etc...again, my mistake.

    The last thing I wanted to do was upset anyone. It was certainly NOT my intention to be deceitful or to come accross as having "mercenary intentions".

    I have since been advised by a moderator that the guide I wrote is viewed by the sponsors of the magazine as competition for thier books on pattern creation. I can certainly understand their view on this and, again, I apologize.

    I will be very careful in specific regarding my intentions in my posts from now on
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    Hi Kerry

    It's nice of you to acknowledge that some people may have been misled and I'd like to think there's no hard feelings.

    Insofar as your suspicion that Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts might have been antagonistic towards you because your product competed with their publications, I don't believe that was the case. We regularly refer to Andy Deane's guide and encourage new pattern designers to develop their skills. Indeed, there's a whole board on the forum for this purpose.

    Perhaps once we get to know you a bit better and see that you're prepared to discuss pattern design techniques as openly here as other designers, I'm sure we'll be much less wary. I'm not saying you should give away techniques that you might regard as commercially sensitive! That wouldn't be fair. Nevertheless, I'm sure you have much to offer when a newbie posts a design and asks, "What do you think?".

    There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
    (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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      Thank you Gill...your response is appreciated.

      I certainly hope it is "water under the bridge" insofar as hard feelings go.

      They say we learn from our mistakes...well that certainly is true for me in this case.
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