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I did it and feel good about it

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  • I did it and feel good about it

    This JZ pattern had worked its way up and down my pile for a year and half but I never had the nerve to try it. I got his DVD for Christmas and it finally inspired me. It is oak ply with Watco finish topped with spray semi-gloss. The backer is black art paper.

    There are several mistakes and boo boos in it but I feel good about doing it. Actually, it was easy and fun to cut and a good JZ pattern to cut my eye teeth on. There are few straight lines so I could use my "creativity" as required. It took about 11 hours and it showed that I could attempt these things. I did the "lichtenberger" before Christmas and I think this was a bit easier. I learned quite a bit by doing it and am looking forward to my next one.

    I used FD spirals and that, along with Jeff's oak ply, made it like cutting butter. Part of the my problem was that it cut so good I got ahead of myself a time or two.

    I haven't decided yet on frame and/or matting. Wish I had some of these cuttings "in the flesh (or wood)" to look at to see how others do it. I haven't mastered the art of photographing my work yet either. It is at a bit of an angle to keep the flash from glaring too much.

    Any way, I am posting it just because I feel good that I cut it.

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    Very nice job. However, this should have gone in the bragging section. Nobody will ever find any boo boo's on this cutting. It looks great.

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      Boo boo's? I don't see any sinking ships at the base of that lighthouse so no boo boo's can possibly exist. Nice work Earlin!

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        What mistakes??? Looks absolutely great.
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          I am impressed. maybe someday i will get the nerve up to do something like that.



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            Congratulations are in order on a job well done!

            Does this mean there is an other JZ pattern in your future?

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              Beautiful work! I have to agree with Mike that it should have been in the bragging section. You should be very proud of this piece!



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                It's fantastic! One question for you since I'm "stuck" on a piece of my own....where did you find oak ply that size that wasn't warped? I started a piece but then stopped because the wood is so unworkable it drove me nuts.

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                  Very nice Earl and I agree with Mike, it should be in the bragging section.
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                    Looks great Earl, nice pattern and certainly no obvious boo-boos on the cutting that anyone but you would see.

                    Only thing that strikes me is that maybe the grain would have been better going horizontally with the sea. Barry recently pointed out the same thing on something I'd cut - my excuse was that the board wasn't wide enough for the pattern to go the other way

                    Where do you get the oak ply, BTW? I think someone said Sloan's have it but they don't ship to Canada.

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                      Yes Earl it should have been in the bragging section.
                      You did a great job on it.

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                        I believe JZ now sells it on his web site. Sloans also.
                        Nice work
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                          Great job Earl!

                          Regarding the oak ply questions, most good lumberyards (not home centers) will carry grade A-1 ply. Ideally, you want a "HVHC" type ply, whether oak, cherry, or maple.
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                            Nice work. Is it mistakes or design modification!

                            Paul S.


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                              Very nice work I see it's one of Jeff Zaffino's patterns
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