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  • First piece first portrait

    I'm not sure if I am attaching the Pictures right or not but here goes. These pictures are the photograpgh I started with and that I turned into a pattern to saw and the piece I finished cutting today. It is my first scroll saw project. It is cut out of 1/4" baltic birch. It took me about 4 or 5 hours to cut. Any tips as to what backing to use or color of backing and a good color of stain to make it stand out.

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    Id say black matt board. I think your cutting looks pretty nice, but I think a bit more of the beard would make it look more like the photo. I cant make patterns from pictures, but I would think that photo would have been difficult to work with because of distance and lighting. Dale
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      It was a picture of my dad and the only picture I could find quick enough to convert to a pattern to start sawing. I just got the saw last sunday and started playing with the patterns after I got the saw. I got alot to learn. I have read several threads on here about helping converting photos to patterns but that seems to be a whole new learning curve trying to get hair and facial hair to come out right.


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        Originally posted by kyscroller
        that seems to be a whole new learning curve trying to get hair and facial hair to come out right.
        You just need to scroll bald-headed clean shaven people, KY

        Seriously that cutting looks great.

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          Hey ky, the cutting looks very good for a first attempt.

          One thing I would recommend to watch for...the line where the ply panels are fused ... try and avoid using a wood piece with that in there.

          I cut one one time where that line when right along a little girls lips and completely ruined the portriat (I had to do it over).

          Otherwise, good on ya bud.
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            As for the backing, I just use the black felt that you can get at Wal Mart...very cheap but very nice.
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