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  • First project

    This is the first project that I cut with my new saw. Marcel had it ready for me when I got to his house. It is the first time that I make inside cuts. I must say that I have changed the blade more times in one day than during a whole year with the other one.
    Now I must decide what finish to put on it.
    Thank you very much Marcel. It is a beautiful dragon. I shall cherish this one.
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    That is a great dragon Diane and you did a really good job on it.

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      Very nice diane, Great job on the saw choice. I hope you 2 Make happy sawdust for a long time.
      I am holding out for a P-20 but not sure if it will ever show up on the net where I can afford it. I am in no big hurry though I still got my faithfull 788. Just bought a New trailer and have to move the workshop and settle in but I will be back in no time.
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        Excellant !

        Well done on the Dragon..And how nice of Marcel to plan ahead for a great memory for you . .Happy Scrolling ! (inside cuts )..Larry

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          Looks great, Diane. Nice pattern and cutting. Glad to see you up and running now you've got into inside cuts think of all the dragon patterns that are out there ... ..

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            Put a date on it and sign it. And as many people on this site will tell you Do Not Give the First One Away
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              Good on 'ya Diane. There's nothing like the satisfied feeling of success. Thanks for sharing your moment with the rest of us.

              Shoot for the moon. If you miss you'll be headed for a star!


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                Diane, nice job of cutting. I like to use Formby's tung oil finish on my projects. I prefer the satin, I use a very fine hair brush and 4 to 5 coats.
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                  Very nice Diane you did a marvelous job and its nice to see you back in action again and I am looking fwd to more of your art work, keep up the great work
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                    Really nice work....Will have to give somthing like that a go myself when I get my new saw sorted out !

                    very well done



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                      Originally posted by Dragon
                      Marcel had it ready for me when I got to his house. It is the first time that I make inside cuts. I must say that I have changed the blade more times in one day than during a whole year with the other one.
                      Diane, that was very nice of Marcel to provide you with that project and you surely did it justice. Very nice cutting. Why did you need to change so many blades, were you breaking them or were they wearing out? What type and size blade were you using? Did they break when you were trying to make those very deep inside cuts, Most times cuts like that need a two sided aproach, rather then trying to spin the wood.
                      Keep up the excellent work and thanks for sharing
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                        Nice job diane and marcel. Looks great, happy scrolling !
                        Jeff Powell


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                          Great job Diane! Isn't it great to venture into the world of "inside cuts"? Especially with a saw the majority of folks here have.
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                            Nice job Diane, I'm so proud of you!

                            See... I told you you could do it

                            You definitely have to sign and date AND keep this one.
                            You WILL be amazed at the progress you'll make and the speed you make it.
                            I guarantee it.

                            Are we having fun yet?

                            As for the finish: It's Baltic Birch, so if you plan on staining it I recommend a 'washcoat' (aka: sealer coat or diluted shellac) to prevent blotching. followed by poly or varnish or shellac or lacquer

                            Or, if you don't stain it, then Tung oil, BLO, poly, varnish shellac or lacquer.

                            Or... you could always paint it.

                            Am I helping yet?

                            Oh, and why did you break so many blades? (Or did you mean, feeding for the cuts?)

                            Take care, (and say hi to Robert)
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                              Whoo Hoo! You're off to a heck of a start. That pile of sawdust should really be growing. It won't be long and you'll be doing a Daly or Zaffino cutting.

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