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  • 1st jigsaw puzzle

    I used a photo from my color printer that didn't reproduce well as my first try at jigsaw puzzle making. I used 1/8" BB but have 1/4" for my serious attempts.

    Blade choice was an Olson 3/0 and I broke the first blade before I even turned on the power. Too much tension. I expected better results in the kerf. Carl, I think, has said he can hold his puzzles up by the corner without the puzzle falling apart. No such luck on mine. Too loose.

    I tried the free-hand cutting. As you can see, I need more practice. But, I think I like that cutting style. Puzzle ended up as 47 pieces and measures 5x7.5 inches. Some pieces are large, others small. Well, I guess that's why I opted a practice puzzle first.
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    Good start...I agree; you'll find 1/4" actually easier to work with. Stay loose and you'll find your pieces becoming more rounded and less like store-bought puzzles, and adhering more to the color lines around and within faces.

    Yes, I'm the guy who picks up completed puzzles by an edge and waves them, but that's more difficult with fewer pieces and all but impossible with 1/8" wood. You sure don't have to meet that criteria. Just relax and cut pieces as you feel them with your fingers.

    And always remember, what you think is a mistake, or a poorly cut piece, will seldom be noticed by anyone else.

    Have phun.....Carter


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      That looks great, specially for a first attempt!Lovely model you have there posing with you too! Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Okay much did you have to pay the pretty lady to pose with you?

        Seriously though I think you did a fine job there.

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          Looks like a pretty good first attempt there, Mike. 1/4 inch would definitely be easier to cut though ...

          I think I'm right in thinking Carter uses FD puzzle blades, which is what I've used on puzzles - they might be worth a try if you're not happy with the kerf on the Olson's you used?
          You need a title for it? How 'bout "Beauty and the Beast"?

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            It looks like a nice puzzle. However, I really don't know squat about puzzles. Maybe someday, I'll expand my horizons. I still have to learn how to make a picture frame.

            Pretty noble of your daughter to pose with you.

            Keep cutting and showing them so we can monitor your progress.

            Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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              Thanks for the encouragement. That's one of the reasons I like this board so much. Oh, BTW, my 'model' enjoyed your comments, too. A little too much, I think!

              Craftsman 16" VS, Puros Indios and Sam Adams!
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                Good for her Mike!! Shes what makes you tick! Dale
                Dale w/ yella saws


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