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The difference presentation makes

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  • The difference presentation makes

    I have three pictures of the fretwork motorcycle I just cut.
    The one with the oak frame has a mirror behind it,
    The other 2 have different matt frame around them with black felt backing.
    I am curious about what your opinions are.
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    Rolf, very nice. I like the first one best. The red around it with the black background really sets it off but they are all nice. Steve
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      Hi Rolf

      I think mirrors work great with simple cuts but they confuse viewers when the designs are more complex. The images you've posted with the matt background make me want to hop on the bike and cruise... and I don't even like motor bikes !

      Mind, the Gold Wing is a classy piece of engineering.

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        Normally I don't like matts around cuttings but I must say the red really add to this piece. Very nicely done.
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          I like the mirrored piece best, followed by the red matted one. I haven't made many cuttings but when I get better, I plan on using matt with felt background and an oversized frame. I've seen unmatted and matted by Jeff Z. and the difference is amazing.

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            Rolf hope ya don't mind I copied it so I could redownload it but this one struck me as the best IMHO it has depth in it, which really caught my eye its just different like Gill says I just wanted to jump right on it and ride away great work on all of them though
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              I like this one too. Rolf. love the dimition. your friend Evie.


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                All look good Rolf but another vote for the one with the red mat from me - at first glance that one almost looks double matted because of the rectangular edge of the portrait.

                That''s a great cutting though, however you've framed it.

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                    Im with the red one as well. Just changes in the lighting in each photo makes a huge difference in how each is viewed as well. Dale
                    Dale w/ yella saws


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                      Hi Mike, Definitly the 1st one with the red mat!! It just jumped out at me and said "here I am"!! It just seems like you can see the detail better in that picture too! Very nice!!

                      Cathy in NE
                      Cathy in NE

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                        Rolf I'm a bit in between withthe red matted and the mirrored, they each hold a differing look that sets off the pattern.

                        BTW, good to see you posted your young mug on your avatar...with the user name of Rolf the only image I had was the Muppet Show dog. lol

                        Nice work buddy.

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                          First, fine job on the cuttings!

                          If I could only choose one, I'd choose the mirrored one and swap frames with # 1 or #2!
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                            Originally posted by Rivari

                            BTW, good to see you posted your young mug on your avatar...with the user name of Rolf the only image I had was the Muppet Show dog. lol
                            .. whereas I just thought of Rolf Harris

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                              Rolf, thanks for demonstrating the differences the presentation makes on scrolled work.

                              This is a very important issue to consider when completing any scrolled project. Everyone should give the final outcome appearance some consideration prior to beginning a project.

                              You have done a wonderful job on completing these, and I like the black matt one best.

                              Take care


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