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How much time do you spend at the saw?

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  • How much time do you spend at the saw?

    Was just wondering what the average time most of you spend at your saw? I usually will cut for 1/2 hour to an hour, take a break and do something else just to give my eyes a rest.
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    Weather permitting, I'll average 2 hours a day during my work week, and on my days off you can count on me being in front of my saw 5-8 hours a day.
    Now however, I spend my time here, or designing portraits to do in the future.
    Someday I'll get that heated workshop and then my wife will be a true shop widow.

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      I'll generally spend my time in 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour blocks, take a 5 or 10 minute break, then go back to it. If the project takes 3 or 4 hours or so, I will spend that much time that day, so I get it done. Unless it's a quickie, I usually won't do more than 1 project a day.

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        I'm with Bill, 2 hours on work days and about 5 or so during the weekends...when I actually have weekends off.

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          Hey Ozarkhillbilly,
          I have only been in your state 4 or 5 times but I would think a heated workshop would be low priority---- It has always been so hot that I would look for an air-conditioned shop.


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            I have a great idea Bill, just relocate for the winter to Tampa with the family then ya can scroll year round
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              If I get a couple of sessions (morning or afternoon) at the saw each week, I seem to be doing well nowadays. I can cut uninterrupted for several hours if I don't complete the project first.

              Most of my time is now at the computer designing patterns. Cutting them is probably the least time that any project takes up - I spend much longer shaping the segments and finishing them.

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                Since I am homebound and live alone I spend most of my waking hours in my shop - either sawing or sanding -and my shop was once the old living room so I am sometimes working at 2 am if the mood hits. I haven't seen much of my house other than a pass through in ages. the big living room now has a big screen and a fireplace but I seldom go in. my little 13 inch tv in my shop is always going and that is where I spend most all of my time.
                unless I am in here in my sewing room on the puter in the forum..


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                  Hi Everyone, here after christmas is my time to create some new patterns. We have been having some down time at work because of the economy is slow right now in the cabinet business. So I have been spending most of my time designing. I have done close to three dozen new designs since christmas and had to stop today to start cutting one of them. A little off subject there. I will generally spend a couple of hours a day in the shop and sometimes all day on saturday and sunday if the honey-do list is done.Steve
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                    I try to get 2 1/2 hours at minimum of shoptime each night after work, but it varies. If I am on a project, and its going good, I can sit there for hours, if its something thats giving me fits, I will get up and do something else a while. Thats one good reason to only drill 20 or 30 holes at a time, it gives you a little break from sittin on the stool. Dale
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                      I like to spend 2 hours or more playing downstairs if I can. As long as I have my honey do list done time is my own. Right now I am between jobs and I have been out job hunting.


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                        My sessions depend upon the complexity of what I'm cutting. I just finished a guitar clock for my grandson in one 2 hour sitting. Something with more detail that requires extra concentration I'll do in shorter sessions. I generally pay attention to my reactions to cutting sharp turns and smooth arcs. When I find myself wandering, I take a break.

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                          Building Inventory I spend 10 -12 hours at my real work and then drive an hour home, spend till 10 or 11 in the shop about 4 hours a night and fulltime on weekend at least 8 hours maybe more, I live in NY and made my shop heated turn it on in the morning and it runs till the we hours of the night.

                          Shoppe Widow doesn't complain amazingly enough. Will be moving closer to my work in the upcoming months so time may die off while in the process of minor repairs and upgrades.

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                            I rarely get in my shop during the week. By the time I get home and eat a bite there just isn't time . Generally I spend that time on design. Usually get 2 to 4 hours cutting time in on Fri nite and a good 6 hrs ( or more ) each on Sat and Sun ....depending on yard chores, honey-doos and whatnot . If I'm on an involved project I can be there for several hours straight, but like Dale I only drill a couple of dozen holes at a time . I tend to have a couple of things going at once . I'm not really patient when it comes to finishing and it helps to have something else to work on while other stuff is drying. I'm getting pretty good at rotating projects to make the most of what time I have and learning when to shut it down and wait until tomorrow so as not to screw up a lot of hard work
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                              My shop time various on the time of year. October through December I will spend 2-3 hours after dinner in the shop. Longer on the weekends. January through mid March I normally back down to about 1.5-2 hours. The rest of year I'm hit and miss doing other chores or going fishing.
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