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Thank you Charlie Dearing

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  • Thank you Charlie Dearing

    Finally got my spring issue this week and practically fell over when I saw Charlie's bass pattern. From the moment I saw it I knew everything else would be put on hold. I jumped right in the middle of it after work yesterday. There were quite a few tense moments but I'm happy to say that nothing broke and there are only a couple of " personal enhancements "
    Man what a ride ! I thoroughly enjoyed it ....Thanx Charlie and thanx to our wonderful hosts for making it available

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    nice job....

    it looks great....

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      Nice job Robert! I've got that one on my to do list. Come on springtime!!!

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        That's definitely on my to do list also. But this one is going to be for me. I have yet to do a portrait just for myself, but this will be it. The one thing I look forward to every spring is bass fishing. Can't beat them for a good battle.

        Sawduster, I just hope my flat blades will do as good a job as your silly spirals.

        And yes, thanks a heap Charlie for sharing this with us.

        Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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          This definitely looks exactly like what bass fishing is about. I love bass fishing. It is special and different from the trout fishing that I have at home.
          Love the rendition. Very well done.
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            Robert, I couldn't agree more. Charlie did a wonderful job on this pattern, not like that is a surprise. I have admired his patterns for a long time. He is (in my opinion) one of the best fretwork pattern designers around.

            When I seen that project in the spring issue, I immediately thought of several ways to use the design. I would love to see Fox Chapel grab him up and have a book of fretwork patterns hit the stores.

            Your great cutting is very appealing. You did a wonderful job!

            Take care


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              That is a nice pattern and Robert you did a great job on it.
              I'm going to put it on my list also.

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                Great job Robert. This one is on my TO-DO list too. Cutting a bass is the next best thing to catching one. How about when the spring bite starts we run up to Gaston or Kerr to catch us a few?

                For those not from our neck of the woods Lake Gaston and Kerr Lake both sit on the NC and VA border.
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                  Originally posted by NC Scroller
                  Great job Robert. How about when the spring bite starts we run up to Gaston or Kerr to catch us a few.
                  Can't I come?

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                    Bravo ,Robert -- bravo


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                      Well, your reaction to the pattern is one of the biggest reasons I do what I do. Thanks a million and you did it great justice! I'll be sending 'em patterns as long as they can stand me


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                        I just photocopied some patterns from the mag today - and that was one of them - it's definitely on my to-do list..

                        Very nice cutting there Robert.

                        Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                          Yes Mike you and the rest of the crew are all welcome to come. I'll even provide the beverage . Head South until you hit I-40. Then head East to I-85. Then North about a hour...Blast off is 6:00 AM. Don't be late.
                          Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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                            Great job on that Robert!
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                              I'm going Bass fishing

                              I'm going to attempt to do Charlie's Bass...

                              wish me luck...

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                              Fish are food, not friends!


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