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    Cut this one with Olson skip tooth #2 blades. Had the devil of a time controlling the path of the blades. Usually use 2/0. Don't know if this had anything to do with it. Went back to 2/0 and had no problems. Switched back and forth from my G4 to my Hawk 26 and no difference in control. Any one have any ideas?
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    I use the Olson 2 and 2/0 all the time. With no problems.
    How thick is the wood? The #2 will cut faster than the 2/0
    Also you may need to increase the tension for the 2.
    You may also try a new blade, for the first time in three years of scrolling I pulled a brand new blade out of the bag and it had a serious twist in it. (no it wasn't a spiral)
    The 2 may also have a bit more of burr on it, so practice on some scrap.
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      I've often thought of doing a dyslexic version of the traditional No Trespassing sign...
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        Amen! Pop.

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