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    This is my first attempt at a portrait. This is of my grandson who will be one year old on the 22nd. Thanks to hints I got from Gill's thread on line thickness to make the pattern.
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    Really nice !
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      That looks great, Bill. Nicely framed too. He definitely look dapper there - what was the occasion?

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        nice job all the way around Bill, you really did a nice bit a scrolling there
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          excellent portrait bill,i bet he's a little gem. grandchildren are great cos' you can give them back to their parents.



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            Ya did good Bill, these are the kind of portraits that will be cherished for a long time to come. Keep up the great work!

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              Hey, that's a cut above the sort of portraits we see so often. It's nice to know that our conversations are helping people .

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                Great job Bill, what a spiffy lil' dude.

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                  Nice job Bill. He's almost as cute as my grandson.

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                    Great job Bill, now you will have to keep a series of him going as he grows up. As fast as children grow and change maybe you should order blades now. Steve
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                      Thank you all for your kind comments. There was no real occasion for him to wear it, my daughter put it on him to see how he would look in it and took a photo of him. He is a happy and good natured little guy and very spoiled because he is the first grandchild on both sides.

                      Now I just need to remember how I made the pattern because I am trying to make other patterns and am having more problems with them. A lot of it depends on the photo and what kind of lines are there for the different programs to pick them up to make the patterns. I am using Photoshop pro and Inkscape as well as the Coyote Stencil.

                      I have an RBI Hawk 220-3 VS

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                        Good work Bill, and I like the caption ....nice touch !
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