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  • My grandson

    I ran out of projects so I decided to try a portrait of my grandson from a photo that I took a couple weeks ago. Isn't he cute? I'm not bragging about myself, I'm bragging about my awesome grandson. Age - 4 1/2 months. Cheap Walmart frame. BB ply - 1/4".

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    That's great! He is a cute one. I am working on a pattern of my grandson that will be turning a year old next week. I hope I can get it done by then.

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      You did fantastic !!! he is adorable -is he your first grandchild- we tend to spoil them rotten --till we learn better on the next ones that come along.
      I think he looks a lot like his ole gramps myself


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        CUTE!!! Great job Mike.

        Lets see if this one catches Gill's eye ..........
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          Ya know, I think grandson will like that cutting when he gets old enough to appreciate it! Really nice job. Any special techniques for converting the photo to a pattern?

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            Thanks for the compliments, friends.

            Mike, I use PSP X and mainly used the threshold command and the paintbrush for adding and taking away. I enrolled in Pattern Academy, which is a free pattern tutorial offered by the MSN site, Free Scrollsaw Patterns. I learned a lot but haven't done much with it yet. Actually, this is the first human portrait I've attempted since taking the course.

            Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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              You ran out of projects, yeah, right. As if that ever happens. You were just aching to get at that picture. Now, admit up.
              Chuck D

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                Nice work, Mike. You really captured the expresion in the photo there..

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                  I see a strong family resemblance between his portrait and yours
                  Awesome job. and yeah he is cute.
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                    Yup, he's a good looking grandson and a bit on the happy side I'd say. Oh, and good job on the pattern and cutting too Mike.

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                      Nuttin' like a happy kid Mike. Nice job all around!
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                        Mike, nice work all around pattern and cutting. Now let's see more of these as he grows. Uh Oh That sounds like a challenge. lol Steve
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                          Nice work there gran-paw
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                            Is there a way I can turn my pictures into patterns like this. And can it be done without spending a bunch of money Im new to the art of scrollsawing, and would love to do some works of my daughter


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