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    This is my second wooden geared clock. It actually worked without too much trouble. I know the pictures are not the best but I just had it clamped in my work bench. It will soon be on its way to my brothers for a house warming gift. The frame is mahogany, the face is mahogany and maple, the gears are cut from Baltic Birch plywood. I used a PVC test weight and will solder one from copper pipe before I send it off.

    I hope the pictures look okay. This is my first project post here. Thanks for looking!

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    Great job... That looks like a LOT of work to make. You have more patience than I that is for sure. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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      Great work Steve, like DW says you have much more patience than I do. Thank you for posting the pics.


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        Great job Steve.

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          Criminy ! That is super.
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            Amazing work well done


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              Nice job Steve. Wooden geared clocks are always a challenge.

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                Outstanding! How long do the BB ply gears last?


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                  It is a beauty! how does it run?
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                    very nice!

                    It's all fun
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                      Nice job. One of these days im gonna have to try a clock
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                        Great work, looks super.
                        That gives me the motivation to try one too.
                        Thanks for showing

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                          I don't see any counter weights...
                          what keeps it moving???

                          Very nice..!!

                          For many years now I've wanted to do a clock...
                 of these days..

                          Good for you....!!!!!

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                            It runs on a single 3lb weight. It has a crank to wind that is not shown. The weight is also not shown but you can see the PVC cap. I use the PVC pipe so I can dial in the weight before making one from 1 1/4" copper pipe.


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                              Sweeeeet job. I like the segmented frame, makes it pop as they say.
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